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Travis Eliot


Travis began teaching yoga to people all over the world while in Thailand. It was there that he committed his life to the yogic arts. His class is meditative, dynamic, and transforming. It will keep you physically resilient, mentally sharp, emotionally balanced, and spiritually charged! In addition to teaching yoga, Travis leads kirtan (devotional chanting).

In 2008, he released his first DVD, Yoga Basics. In 2010, his second DVD, Yoga Evolution-India, became available through major suppliers across North America. He has also developed LIVE HD yoga classes to bring a global audience right into the middle of all the action via the internet.

Travis is on the faculty of Kripalu, one of the nation’s premier yoga institutions. He leads yoga retreats and teaches locally and internationally in places like Thailand, Bali, and India.

In addition to instructing at Power Yoga, Travis teaches at Equinox Fitness, also in Santa Monica, CA.

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