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  1. Yoga & Gratitude

    How does yoga help you express your gratitude? Why do we practice yoga? The common answer is health and/or wellness. What detracts from wellness more than stress? What is more opposite than stress than gratitude? Yoga and gratitude is like parent and child. Gratitude is a by-product of yoga as the goal of yoga is […]

  2. NOURISHING THE HEART SPACE: Mental Health Benefits of Yoga

    I recently had an experience in which I was confronted with toxic and negative communication that was directed towards me and my family. Being a human being, my initial reaction was to “fight back” and to partake in similar, unhealthy communication. Thankfully, though, my yoga and meditation practice (as well as my training as a […]

  3. Power Yoga Fall Class & Events Update

    Lot’s happening here at Power Yoga, probably not too dissimilar from wherever this email finds you. Yet yoga is such a positive and healing addition to whatever is happening in our lives. As busy as you are, you might be interested in these events and activities happening near you. Those of you streaming our studio […]

  4. Yoga for Cancer – Announcing Our New Cancer Recovery Series

    I’m bringing this series to you, not because I wanted a “specialty” or because I’ve had special training. I bring this series to you because I’ve lived it. In the 30 years on my mat and teaching I have seen yoga save lives over and over again. My life is one of them. I lived […]

  5. Important Questions about Yoga, Weight loss and Wellness: Does Yoga Help You Lose Weight and Is Yoga Good for Weight loss?

    Let’s address these and many other questions pertaining to yoga and weight loss. Is yoga good for weight loss? Can you lose weight with yoga? What types of yoga are good for weight loss? Is Power Yoga good for weight loss? How does yoga help you lose weight? Considering the mass interest in weight loss […]

  6. The Absurdity of Yoga Without Meditation

    Having almost 40 years of yoga practice under my belt combined with living in India for a good 1-year stint, I can say with certainty Yoga is a meditation practice. What is the difference between yoga and meditation? There is no difference between yoga and meditation. So, yes yoga is a form of meditation. It […]

  7. The Absurdity of This Theory

    If it is true that the oldest living animals breathe the slowest, would it not be worth looking at breath rate when considering longevity? And since there is direct connection between health and longevity then certainly we would want to look into breath rate and its connection to health. Aesthetics and peak performance notwithstanding, the […]

  8. What is the difference between Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga?

    Vinyasa is a vigorous or flowing style of Hatha Yoga. Vinyasa is actually three hatha yoga poses: plank, cobra and down dog. These poses are used in between most other poses as a way of connecting one pose to the next, intertwining the movements into a very yang (active) style of yoga practice. This type […]

  9. The Absurdity of Failure

    The beauty and potency of failure: Progress is two steps forward and one step back (kind of). It could actually be two steps forward and 10 steps back then 12 steps forward. You get the point. Yet what is not commonly embraced is the fact that those two steps back are part of forward progress […]

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