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  1. Hatha Yoga

    What is Hatha yoga? If you google “Hatha yoga definition,” you will get a wealth of info with lots of ancient texts, Sanskrit words, saints and sages and mythology. The Hatha yoga description can be complicated, contradictory and super interesting if you are into that type of stuff. I’d like to define Hatha yoga according […]

  2. Yoga for Beginners

    Yoga classes for beginners, whether in a studio or via beginning yoga video or even a yoga book for beginners, can vary. So please know it’s possible to dislike one class immensely while really appreciating another class. How to start doing yoga or practicing yoga? Well, as mentioned above, there are classes, yoga books for […]

  3. The Absurdity of Religion

    I’m sure the title of this article could be jarring, and that is not its intent. This is simply becoming the “Absurdity Series.“ For more on this, you can also read on The Absurdity of Yoga and The Absurdity of Competition. Religion has important cultural and personal benefits that need to be acknowledged, as we learn and […]

  4. The Beauty of Yoga Online

    Bryan Explains Why Online Yoga Videos Can Better Support Your Yoga Practice. The Internet and social media can be a big contributor to stress, as anything used in an unbalanced way can be harmful. The correlation between social media and depression is now apparent. So personally, when it comes to me or my kids, I […]

  5. The Absurdity of Advanced Yoga Poses

    Doing a quick Google search of “advanced yoga poses,” it seems the going definition is contorted-like positions or very hard yoga poses. To me, this is absurd for two reasons: Firstly: Now this simply may be semantics, but considering the personal nature of yoga, labeling a yoga practice “advanced” is absurd. Take an acrobat who can easily perform […]

  6. The Absurdity of Weight Loss

    Our cultural obsession with weight loss is a cultural sickness in itself. Sure, it is true, obesity is a ubiquitous problem and is considered the cause of other health issues. For the most part, even the act of losing weight is absurd, considering 80% – 90% of people put the weight back on. Surprisingly, even […]

  7. The Absurdity of Yoga

    To the Western mind, yoga is absurd. Growing up in a Christian society, we are born sinners and we need to repent. We are constantly being told in various ways, we are not good enough. Whether we are having images of “success and beauty” imprinted onto our minds (psychological fact: the more you see something, […]

  8. Neanderthals We Are!

    Back in the Neanderthal period, we never had enough. We did not have enough food, shelter, warmth, safety or clothing. Tribalism and fear were necessary for survival. Today most of us have enough of all these things, so why are fear and tribalism still our most dominant qualities? Has our intellectual prowess fooled us into […]

  9. Yoga Meditation Poses, Techniques & Exercises for Beginners

    As a beginner to yoga and meditation, I often pondered questions such as: “Are yoga and meditation the same thing?”, “Am I doing this the right way?”, “How should I place my hands when I am meditating, and does this really matter?”, “Should I meditate before or after my physical asana practice?”. The more time […]

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