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  1. Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga LIVE Streaming Updates

    I sincerely hope you have been able to appreciate this rare type of quietness and downtime. Those of you who have not found any peace during these challenging times please check out my FREE Meditation for Anxiety. 1) We have added a 4:00-5:00pm PST live streaming class Monday-Friday and Sunday, and have brought back some SMPY favs like […]

  2. BIG NEWS-Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga Virtual Studio is Expanding!

    Aloha Everyone! Yoga will not tell you what to do. It will just ask you to wake up and see what you’re doing, and then ask yourself four questions: 1) Does this help me?2) Does this help my family?3) Does this help my community?4) Does this help the planet? I sincerely hope you have been […]

  3. Yoga – Coronavirus – Life – Health – Wealth. Part 3.

    I believe most people are starting to figure out a new rhythm to their days as we are all locked down and spending much more time at home. Please take some time for your yoga and meditation practice. Here are links to two very nourishing 12-15 minute meditations. Try it morning, mid-day, and evening, and […]

  4. Yoga – Coronavirus – Life – Health – Wealth. Part 2.

    California is on lockdown and I’m sure the rest of the country will follow. I hope all of you are breathing through this completely unprecedented time. Yoga practice for us yoga practitioners is always important as it seems to have a unique ability to balance one’s body and mind, completely relieving physical tension and much, […]

  5. Coronavirus & Yoga practice and philosophy

     Like I am doing right now with this message, this is a time where you will see yoga instructors chime in about this global pandemic. They may give you breathing exercises or poses to help calm you. If you feel stressed or worried these practices will help so why not try them? I would like […]

  6. The Absurdity of Sleep

    Does yoga help me sleep better? Does meditation help me sleep better? If you could break wellness into parts like you cut a pie into pieces, one substantial piece would be sleep. The other parts of the pie include diet, exercise, and mental/emotion contentment!  Understanding yoga’s history and origin, which includes Ayurveda, we know yoga […]

  7. Intermediate Yoga

    Aloha yogis! I wanted to share with you some information on a topic in the yoga world that does not garner much attention, but it is always nice to have as a reference point to guide and support you on your journey into yoga! Especially if you are completely new to yoga, class offerings through […]

  8. New Year Resolution Yoga

    Wow…where do I begin? The topic of “New Year’s resolutions” can seem on the face of it, vast and daunting! For those of us who are driven and Type A personalities most likely have this innate desire to push, accomplish, thrive at whatever it is we set our minds to. Even if this presents as […]

  9. Is Power Yoga for Beginners?

    Power Yoga is well-suited for a diverse range of people and certainly, beginners are within that range. Personally, I feel that power Yoga is the best place for beginners to start their yoga journey. Yet, I am biased toward the type of Power Yoga I share. See, unlike many other types of yoga, Power Yoga […]

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