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  1. Yoga Buffet

    How would I describe my yoga classes? They’re a yoga buffet. That’s my answer to what my classes are (or at least one of them). In a sense, this is what most all classes are, except for the rigid and dogmatic styles or types of yoga classes that believe that their way is the only […]

  2. The Absurdity of Relationships

    Healthy relationships start with the relationship we have with ourselves! All relationships are enhanced and thrive under the same conditions, just as all relationships are hindered under the same conditions. This includes the relationship we have with ourselves. Developing the qualities that heal and enhance the relationship you have with yourself means developing the qualities […]

  3. Free Yoga Videos

    You could say the best yoga videos are free yoga videos. I wouldn’t say that, though. Free is nice, no doubt, but what is nicer is quality. So let’s start again, the best yoga videos are high-quality free yoga videos! High-quality is not a reference to the photography, although high quality footage is nice, it’s a […]

  4. Yoga Meditation

    Meditation and Yoga is like Human and Heart. Yoga vs. Meditation is a ridiculous concept, as they are one and the same. They are inseparable and necessary to complete each other. So yes, yoga does include meditation; actually, yoga is meditation with an option to add poses. I’ve heard the question, what poses are yoga meditation poses? Meditation needs to occur […]

  5. Yoga and Gratitude

    How does yoga help you express your gratitude? Why do we practice yoga? The common answer is health and/or wellness. What detracts from wellness more than stress? What is more opposite than stress than gratitude? Yoga and gratitude is like parent and child. Gratitude is a by-product of yoga as the goal of yoga is […]

  6. Loving Kindness and Yoga

    You can find loving kindness with yoga, I did. Loving kindness is the natural by-product of my yoga practice and my growth as a yogi. To be a yogi is to desire and strive for my potential. I’m not sure how that will look yet I can keep moving in that direction by following what […]

  7. The Absurdity of Success

    While talking to my 16-year-old nephew yesterday about success, it was reinforced to me what is so obvious about our society’s opinions and beliefs about success. These opinions and beliefs are what our kids and we are seeing and therefore believing. Our topic was, “what is a successful business person?” This young man’s definition was […]

  8. Yoga New Year’s Resolutions

    Is yoga on your New Year’s resolution list? Would you like to make yoga your New Year’s resolution? This is a tough topic to write about, as New Year’s resolutions for yoga seekers or anybody don’t seem to stick for very long. Why is that? If these New Year’s yoga resolutions are so important, why […]

  9. The Definition of Yoga

    What is yoga? What is the meaning of yoga? The definition of yoga or its goal would be the same as the Power Yoga definition and goal. All styles, systems and practices of yoga should have the same objective of union, enlightenment or ????  The differences would be in the methodology in attaining yoga’s goal. […]

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