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  1. What Does Yoga Do for Your Body?

    Wow, where to begin. You know you can easily Google “yoga for health“ or “what does yoga help with“ or “physical benefits of yoga,“ and I think you would be blown away at all yoga can accomplish and yoga’s health benefits. What I want to express here is my 38 years of experience and how […]

  2. What is Hot Vinyasa Flow Yoga?

    What is hot vinyasa yoga and what is vinyasa yoga good for?   Vinyasa is literally 3 movements — plank, cobra or up dog, and down dog. These movements are used to connect other poses to each other, as you would connect a high-pitched sound to a low-pitched sound with something in the middle, so […]

  3. How Does Yoga Help Relieve Stress?

    Yoga, it seems, was built to relieve stress. So how does yoga reduce stress? Well, yoga does this in many ways. One way is using the yoga poses to help relieve stress. One by-product of stress is physical tension. So often, you hear people complain about neck and shoulder pain or tension, due to how […]

  4. What Is the Difference Between Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga?

    Vinyasa is a vigorous or flowing style of Hatha Yoga. A vinyasa is actually 3 hatha yoga poses — plank, cobra and down dog. These poses are used in between most other poses as a way of connecting one pose to the next, intertwining the movements into a very Yang type practice. This type of […]

  5. What Are the Benefits of Power Yoga?

    Let’s start by defining Power Yoga: Since I coined the term (but never trademarked it), I’m a good source for its definition, kind of. Well, since it’s not trademarked (even though Beryl Bender Birch tried, but since my use and others’ use was first, she couldn’t or wouldn’t), Power Yoga is just a cool name […]

  6. Western Fitness Absurdity

    Psychological fact (I’ve been told): “The more you see something, the more you believe it.“ What if all I’ve seen is wrong? Western-based health and wellness practices (exercises) are misguided and completely inappropriate for health and wellness. It’s like a story I’ve been told so much, I believe it. What’s misguided is this correlation between […]

  7. What is Hatha Yoga?

    Why should we know what Hatha Yoga is? Not sure, but maybe because over 30 million Americans and around 60 million worldwide practice yoga (and most of it is Hatha Yoga) and many more interested in trying–maybe even you? I decided to google the term Hatha Yoga to get a Hatha Yoga description. I ended […]

  8. What Is the Difference Between Traditional and Power Yoga?

    Well I guess I’m the best person to answer this question, considering I grew up from age 15 in Traditional yoga. By Traditional yoga, I mean a vinyasa yoga practice I studied in India called Ashtanga yoga. I am also the person who coined the term “Power Yoga.“ The difference between Yoga and Power Yoga or […]

  9. Basic Yoga Positions for Beginners

    The Benefits of Basic Yoga Positions Basic yoga positions can be helpful for the beginner asana practitioner and the seasoned practitioner alike. Basic yoga positions for beginners can serve to create a solid foundation upon which to build your practice and are simple and easy to integrate with a well-established practice. Anecdotal and scientific information […]

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