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The Absurdity of Western Fitness

Western-based health and wellness practices (exercises) are misguided and completely inappropriate for health and wellness. It’s like a story I’ve been told so much, I believe it. What’s misguided is this correlation between beauty and health, and what’s inappropriate is the correlation between peak performance and health. My teacher is my life experience, and the […]

The Absurdity of Thoughts

I have been having some interesting thoughts lately. My aging process is allowing me to see more--yeah I think that’s it! Our teacher is our experience, and as we age we gain experiences.

Free Yoga Online

I used to say originally all yoga was free. Originally yoga practices were designed to enhance moral character, ethical behavior, calm demeanor, poise, and eventually liberation.

Can I Benefit from a 20 Minute Yoga Practice?

I’m excited to write about this topic mostly because of initial resistance I had to such short yoga classes and the fact that I now so appreciate them.

Yoga for Neck and Shoulders

The neck and shoulders are the most famous places within our bodies to display signs of stress in the form of tension. The tension most likely is coming from stress and that stress is displayed or deposited in this region of the body.

One Person Yoga Poses

I have been practicing yoga postures for 40 years and have spent a great deal of time in India studying yoga. Honestly, the only type of yoga pose I ever saw in India was with one person.

Yin Yoga

What is yin yoga? You have heard the phrase “yin and yang” or you could say feminine or masculine. If not, I believe the words originated in China. They describe the polar opposites like feminine and masculine or negative and positive.

The Power in Unlocking the Chakras

Chakras represent the main energy centers of the body. They are essentially the container that holds your body’s energy (or prana.) Our behaviors—from what we eat to what we say to what we watch—can directly influence the health and aliveness of this intricate system.

Yoga Before And After Eating?

Much of what I will address here would also pertain to exercise in general, though yoga in specific. Before I delve into food before yoga or exercise, what needs to be clarified is the duration of time one takes in-between eating and exercise.

Beginner’s Guide to Yoga

A beginner’s guide to yoga could include many upon many different topics. Honestly, it could be a book and there are probably many books on this topic. Just describing the different styles of yoga could be a book, let alone the topics that could be created in introducing yoga. When I first decided to write […]

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