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  1. Cultural Absurdity

    We certainly are not an advanced culture, and any thought that we are will only hinder us in ever achieving it. Truth is, I’m not sure there is one. Maybe Bhutan, as I once heard they were more interested in GNH, gross national happiness, as opposed to GNP, gross national product. Most cultures are still […]

  2. Santa Monica Yoga Update (And why we are going online)

    To the peeps of Power Yoga, As most of you know, our physical location at 1410 2nd Street, Santa Monica, CA, USA is closing May 31st, and there have been questions that I’d like to address, and a message I’d like to deliver to you. 1) Does this affect poweryoga.com and our online power yoga studio?The answer is a […]

  3. The Absurdity of Aging (Part 2)

    The beauty of aging. This is a reflection on the powerful process of letting go and the peace and wisdom that ensues. As well as a counterbalance to our culture’s negative mentality towards aging. Attention all baby boomers, the end is coming; are you prepared? 🙂 Those in your 40s and 50s, you are about […]

  4. The Absurdity of the Six Pack

    How body types look different and how exercise affects different bodies differently I have a six-pack – you just can’t see it. Some people naturally, without any exercise or special diet, have a very lean and cut body. It’s not common, but it exists. Some people have very fleshy bodies, and with exercise and a […]

  5. Emotional Eating

    Emotional Eating:When I was in graduate school, writing my dissertation, I would sit at my computer for long periods of time in the “writing zone.” During this time, I often had within arm’s reach a six-pack container of gluten-free peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. I would inhale these cookies within an hour (usually 30 minutes!), […]

  6. The Absurdity of the New Yoga Studio

    The new yoga studio is the yoga studio owned by a corporation. Now I get it, even a mom-and-pop yoga studio might be an LLC for tax and or liability purposes, so when I say corporation, I’m talking about a corporate studio or chain of studios whose owner is most likely not running the show, […]

  7. The Absurdity of Fear

    Fear obviously can be rational and is at times necessary and important, and yet it can be totally and completely irrational, and these days, most of the time it is unnecessary and harmful. Differentiating between the two is about as helpful and important to our health and the health of all of our relationships, including […]

  8. The Absurdity of Machismo

    The term toxic masculinity really sums up the macho attitude and mentality. We live in a culture (our culture is certainly not alone in this mentality, actually it is a very rare culture that doesn’t embrace this machismo) that emphasizes and admires the tough, rugged, aggressive man. You will see him incessantly on TV or […]

  9. Best Online Yoga

    Why is poweryoga.com the best online yoga? Well, actually we might not be! Even though many might feel we are. We do offer a high-quality experience, which means the techies who built poweryoga.com knew what they were doing; with its symmetry and ease of use, it’s a comfortable place to be. The people who run […]

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