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  1. The Absurdity of Competition

    Could you imagine how radiation for a cancerous tumor might affect our energy level? What about dealing with the very recent death of a loved one? Could you imagine the limitations or discomfort of being constipated or having a herniated disc? What about neck problems or hamstring issues, a recent surgery, tobacco withdrawals, bad eyesight […]

  2. The Mental Health Benefits of Yoga

    If you practice yoga, then you most likely have experienced the “high” that yoga offers—that feeling like you are grounded in your body, calm, connected, clear, and centered. In this space, it might feel like a dark cloud that was following you around prior to class has suddenly disappeared. Or, that negative thought, emotion, or […]

  3. The Absurdity of Proper Alignment

    It seems to me that I might as well be talking about religion.  Different people, different schools, different systems, all have strong opinions on this subject and how it pertains to each pose.  Even to the degree where people are drawn like an addict out of sobriety into judgment and criticism and other toxic mentalities […]

  4. The History of Power Yoga

    The Origin and Development of Power Yoga Power Yoga history is very much tied to the history of modern yoga. Power Yoga, a name I coined but never trademarked (thus you have its generic use), is really one of the first types of yoga that stepped outside of the traditional yoga systems, even though its […]

  5. How To Teach Your First Yoga Class

    This is a great topic for me, as I remember my first class well. I also have a perspective on teaching your first yoga class, and any yoga class for that matter. Many have asked me: “How should I get started? How should I teach my first yoga class?” For me, the foundation of teaching […]

  6. What Are the Benefits of Yoga Teacher Training?

    Yoga teacher training: What to expect, how to prepare and benefits. So apropos, as I am currently in the midst of my five-day, 40-hour Power Yoga Teacher Training & Immersion. How to prepare for yoga teacher training? You may get as many answers to this question as times you ask the question. Each training will […]

  7. What Are The Health Benefits Of Yoga For Kids?

    Yoga can be applied to most all people and the age and condition of those people. The health benefits of yoga for kids are many, and kids yoga classes are many and profuse because of that. I just returned from a middle school tour for my oldest child, and the principal was telling me how […]

  8. What Is the Definition of Power Yoga?

    Power Yoga = Empowering yoga practice. So what is the difference between yoga and Power Yoga? All yoga should have the same objective, which is basically wellness. Although wellness can be expressed in many ways using many terms. The word yoga literally translated into English means “yoke“ or “to yoke;“ now, you can translate yoke […]

  9. Advanced Yoga Poses

    This is a subject that certainly is begging for clarification. Certainly, as one gets more experienced in anything, one develops more insight and understanding pertaining to the endeavor or subject one is partaking in. Yet understanding more does not necessarily mean doing more and could very well mean doing less, especially pertaining to the physical […]

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