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  1. The Absurdity of Fear

    Fear obviously can be rational and is at times necessary and important, and yet it can be totally and completely irrational, and these days, most of the time it is unnecessary and harmful. Differentiating between the two is about as helpful and important to our health and the health of all of our relationships, including […]

  2. The Absurdity of Machismo

    The term toxic masculinity really sums up the macho attitude and mentality. We live in a culture (our culture is certainly not alone in this mentality, actually it is a very rare culture that doesn’t embrace this machismo) that emphasizes and admires the tough, rugged, aggressive man. You will see him incessantly on TV or […]

  3. Best Online Yoga

    Why is poweryoga.com the best online yoga? Well, actually we might not be! Even though many might feel we are. We do offer a high-quality experience, which means the techies who built poweryoga.com knew what they were doing; with its symmetry and ease of use, it’s a comfortable place to be. The people who run […]

  4. Super-Healthy Vacations & Events

    Aloha everyone, Summer plans start now! (esp. if you’re trapped inside due to a polar vortex!) If you’re committed to your health, spirit and yoga, here are some special events we offer to deepen and strengthen!       Summer wellness camp for adults?Costa Rica! Finally, we have settled on a new location (see picture above) […]

  5. The Absurdity of Proper Diet

    The global wellness economy is 4.2 trillion dollars, more than half of the 7.3 trillion global health expenditures. My guess, diet is a big factor in wellness spending. With so much money at stake, you will find many people and companies touting the next great thing from vegan to paleo, from bulletproof to omega-3s, from organics […]

  6. Fitness Yoga for Beginners

    Which yoga is best for fitness? What is yoga fitness? Yoga fitness might not be what you think of when you think of fitness, although it might also not be to far away from your ideas of fitness. Yet it is different. It’s common to come to your first yoga class wanting a certain type […]

  7. Yoga Buffet

    How would I describe my yoga classes? They’re a yoga buffet. That’s my answer to what my classes are (or at least one of them). In a sense, this is what most all classes are, except for the rigid and dogmatic styles or types of yoga classes that believe that their way is the only […]

  8. The Absurdity of Relationships

    Healthy relationships start with the relationship we have with ourselves! All relationships are enhanced and thrive under the same conditions, just as all relationships are hindered under the same conditions. This includes the relationship we have with ourselves. Developing the qualities that heal and enhance the relationship you have with yourself means developing the qualities […]

  9. Free Yoga Videos

    You could say the best yoga videos are free yoga videos. I wouldn’t say that, though. Free is nice, no doubt, but what is nicer is quality. So let’s start again, the best yoga videos are high-quality free yoga videos! High-quality is not a reference to the photography, although high quality footage is nice, it’s a […]

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