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  1. The Absurdity of the City Dump

    What if everyone had to distribute all the trash they create on the grounds of their property? No, you cannot bury it. No, you cannot pay someone to take it away. Yes, you have to scatter it around your home’s foundation and, yes, you can clear through it a walking path. There is an old […]

  2. High Quality Online Yoga Classes

    The future is here and online yoga seems to be the best alternative for many people. Of course high quality yoga classes are the most desirable so let’s look at this “high quality” thing. High quality yoga classes might be different than a high quality website. Obviously, both would be preferred. I’ve have searched around […]

  3. Santa Monica Power Yoga Studio in L.A. – A Quick Update after Closing

    This is a quick update since the closing of Santa Monica Power Yoga Aloha everyone, Wow, this is my first newsletter since the closing of Santa Monica Power Yoga. I think of my L.A. peeps and the regulars who always stopped by the studio when visiting L.A. quite often. People tell me they are sad […]

  4. The Brilliant Absurdity of Yoga Asana

    The simplicity and practicality of yoga asana is mind-bending. We have made exercise and fitness so complicated with the multitude, or mountain, of ideas and philosophies. I like that old saying “keep it simple, stupid.” That’s what yoga does! Everybody knows you cannot take care of something you do not touch. That is why there […]

  5. Vinyasa Yoga

    Hey! Those of you new to yoga or anybody looking for a little clarity pertaining to yoga terminology, let’s start with one of the most common Sanskrit (which is one of yoga’s original languages) terms, as most terms are in this language. Please be aware that Sanskrit was India’s original language, or at least one […]

  6. Keeping Our Head Straight Through The Swirl That’s Enveloping Us

    When I was around 14, while I was living with my mother in suburban Detroit, my father approached me and asked me at my mother’s request if I’d like to live with him in Hawaii. I said “sure, Dad,” even though I hadn’t talked to him in about three years due to me finally standing […]

  7. What Does Yoga Do For Your Body?

    Wow, where to begin. You know, you can easily google “yoga for health,“ or “what does yoga help with,“ or “physical benefits of yoga,“ and I think you would be blown away at all yoga can accomplish and yoga’s health benefits. What I want to express here is my 38 years of experience, and how […]

  8. Cultural Absurdity

    We certainly are not an advanced culture, and any thought that we are will only hinder us in ever achieving it. Truth is, I’m not sure there is one. Maybe Bhutan, as I once heard they were more interested in GNH, gross national happiness, as opposed to GNP, gross national product. Most cultures are still […]

  9. Santa Monica Yoga Update (And why we are going online)

    To the peeps of Power Yoga, As most of you know, our physical location at 1410 2nd Street, Santa Monica, CA, USA is closing May 31st, and there have been questions that I’d like to address, and a message I’d like to deliver to you. 1) Does this affect poweryoga.com and our online power yoga studio?The answer is a […]

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