Past Livestreams

Balance Requires Strength

Active • 70 min • Bryan Kest

Tue, 12/28/21: This strength routine takes a lot of balance…

L.A. Traffic Flow

Active • 101 min • Bryan Kest

Sun, 12/26/21: It starts a little slow, then it turns…

Yin & Yang Simultaneously

Active • 72 min • Bryan Kest

Thu, 12/23/21: A strident flow from beginning to end with…


Active • 97 min • Bryan Kest

Sun, 12/19/21: Using a full warmup sequence to get going…

Healthy Backs

Spinal Lengthening

Mellow • 31 min • Mike Nader

Create length and space in the spine with this short,…

Good Posture

Active • 20 min • Mike Nader

Use variations of familiar yoga postures to strengthen the muscles…

Dynamic Core

Active • 45 min • Mike Nader

45 minutes of core to strengthen the muscles around the…

All-Around Spine Health

Active • 58 min • Mike Nader

A complete practice including forward bends, backbends, laterals, twists, extension…

Most Recent

Ba Duan Jin

Active • 33 min • Terry Kvasnik

This is a rarer and more advanced version of the…

Dragon Style

Robust • 27 min • Terry Kvasnik

Awaken the Dragon within through a combination of 2 ancient…

Wu Dang 5 Animal Style

Active • 25 min • Terry Kvasnik

This relatively short series imitating the movements of 5 animals…

Flying Phoenix

Mellow • 73 min • Terry Kvasnik

Meditative and simple yet highly effective for working on continuous…

Most Popular

Standing Long & Strong

Active • 34 min • Bryan Kest

A quick deep standing flow.

Just a Light Flow

Active • 97 min • Bryan Kest

Light and simple, more length than strength.

A little of everything and a lot of nothing

Active • 70 min • Bryan Kest

Wed, 12/02/20 – A class emphasis on touching a lot…

Doggies, Froggies and Camels, oh my!

Active • 65 min • Bryan Kest

Tues, 11/17/20 – A down dog for the ages the…

Free Classes

Strength & Presence

Robust • 63 min • Travis Eliot

Let it Go!

Robust • 61 min • Byron de Marsé

Way Down Low

Mellow • 63 min • Bryan Kest

Very passive stretches with a couple strong moments, knees, hips,…

Awkward and Unique

Mellow • 60 min • Bryan Kest

Unusual and unique kneeling sequence combined with some strength.

Short & Sweet

Standing Long & Strong

Active • 34 min • Bryan Kest

A quick deep standing flow.

Ballet Flow

Active • 35 min • Byron de Marsé

Designed to strengthen the adductor muscles, with balance, strength, and…

Twist to Aline

Active • 33 min • Dan Ward

Find alignment and single focus in this therapeutic class with…

Chair Yoga: Chair Dog

Active • 16 min • Dan Ward

Sticking with the shoulders to start, we explore Downdog using…

Long & Strong

Just a Light Flow

Active • 97 min • Bryan Kest

Light and simple, more length than strength.

Practice with a Message

Active • 89 min • Astrid Kastenberg

Letting go to land on your mat, this dynamic flow…

The Ballerina Flow

Active • 90 min • Byron de Marsé

Outer hips and inner thighs are the focus as well…

Calisthenics Strengthening Flow

Active • 86 min • Andres Salcedo

This morning calisthenics strengthening flow workout contains a variety of…

Relax & Let Go

Meditation of Gratitude #2

Mellow • 17 min • Bryan Kest

Meditation of Gratitude.

Side Show

Mellow • 33 min • Dan Ward

No Down Dog, no vinyasa, just some sweet floor work.

Expansion & Space

Active • 45 min • Melissa Mercedes

Creating expansion and space through breath and surrender.

Side Body Release

Mellow • 29 min • Steve Jones

A thorough investigation of the side body helping to release…

Pose & Technique

Crow Pose

Active • 27 min • Byron de Marsé

Warm up for Crow Pose in this strong short class.

Mt. Pose Series

Mellow • 27 min • Travis Eliot

The Tadasansa “Mountain Pose” series is an incredible 30 minutes…

Boat Pose

Mellow • 2 min • Bryan Kest

Possibilities & Suggestions.

Bound Seated Pose

Mellow • 3 min • Bryan Kest

Possibilities & Suggestions.