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Past Livestreams

Strong, Sweet, Complete

•64 min •Bryan Kest

11/1/22 This is a strong version of a basic…

Hear Me Don’t Fix Me

•95 min •Bryan Kest

10-30-22 This elongated and all encompassing flow starts off…

Only If You Decide

•62 min •Bryan Kest

10/27/22 A flow that starts slow and then picks…

Poetic Flow Through the Wormhole

•61 min •Bryan Kest

10-25-22 We get right to the heart of the…

Healthy Backs

Spinal Lengthening

•31 min •Mike Nader

Create length and space in the spine with this short,…

Good Posture

•20 min •Mike Nader

Use variations of familiar yoga postures to strengthen the muscles…

Dynamic Core

•45 min •Mike Nader

45 minutes of core to strengthen the muscles around the…

All-Around Spine Health

•58 min •Mike Nader

A complete practice including forward bends, backbends, laterals, twists, extension…

Most Recent

Pure Muscular Activity

•32 min •Bryan Kest

This 30 minute class might just rock your world! The…

Open Heart Open Mind

•26 min •Byron de Marsé

Front body and shoulder opening to enhance the connection to…

Animal Melody – Animal Style

•44 min •Terry Kvasnik

Here we bring together all of the animals in the…

Snake – Animal Style

•55 min •Terry Kvasnik

This practice increases your spine’s flexibility, your torque and your…

Most Popular

Time Flies when Lost in Breath

•70 min •Bryan Kest

Thu, 03/31/22: So little yet so much. A powerfully simple…

Standing Long & Strong

•34 min •Bryan Kest

A quick deep standing flow.

Just a Light Flow

•97 min •Bryan Kest

Light and simple, more length than strength.

A little of everything and a lot of nothing

•70 min •Bryan Kest

Wed, 12/02/20 – A class emphasis on touching a lot…

Free Classes

Strength & Presence

•63 min •Travis Eliot

Let it Go!

•61 min •Byron de Marsé

Hug Anything

•30 min •Dan Ward

Slow, steady, approachable. Discover the power of another level of…


•65 min •Bryan Kest

Is it Yin or Yang or something in-between. Certainly it’s…

Short & Sweet

Standing Long & Strong

•34 min •Bryan Kest

A quick deep standing flow.

Ballet Flow

•35 min •Byron de Marsé

Designed to strengthen the adductor muscles, with balance, strength, and…

Twist to Aline

•33 min •Dan Ward

Find alignment and single focus in this therapeutic class with…

Chair Yoga: Chair Dog

•16 min •Dan Ward

Sticking with the shoulders to start, we explore Downdog using…

Long & Strong

Just a Light Flow

•97 min •Bryan Kest

Light and simple, more length than strength.

Practice with a Message

•89 min •Astrid Kastenberg

Letting go to land on your mat, this dynamic flow…

The Ballerina Flow

•90 min •Byron de Marsé

Outer hips and inner thighs are the focus as well…

Calisthenics Strengthening Flow

•86 min •Andres Salcedo

This morning calisthenics strengthening flow workout contains a variety of…

Relax & Let Go

Meditation of Gratitude #2

•17 min •Bryan Kest

Meditation of Gratitude.

Side Show

•33 min •Dan Ward

No Down Dog, no vinyasa, just some sweet floor work.

Expansion & Space

•45 min •Melissa Mercedes

Creating expansion and space through breath and surrender.

Side Body Release

•29 min •Steve Jones

A thorough investigation of the side body helping to release…

Pose & Technique

Crow Pose

•27 min •Byron de Marsé

Warm up for Crow Pose in this strong short class.

Mt. Pose Series

•27 min •Travis Eliot

The Tadasansa “Mountain Pose” series is an incredible 30 minutes…

Boat Pose

•2 min •Bryan Kest

Possibilities & Suggestions.

Bound Seated Pose

•3 min •Bryan Kest

Possibilities & Suggestions.