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Pause for the Cause

•85 min •Rudy Mettia

A slow and deliberate power yoga flow.

(LSD) Long, Slow, & Deep

•111 min •Bryan Kest

(LSD) Long, Slow, & Deep is an amazing routine. It’s a paradox. It is by far the most difficult class I teach, yet you don’t really get off your butt the whole class. I want people to see how utterly potent this kind of practice can be even without focusing…

The F-bomb

•73 min •Bryan Kest

Tue, 6/22/21: A strong and dynamic flow with some strength (w/core), length, deep hip stretches and meditation.

Rollercoaster Flow

•69 min •Bryan Kest

Mon. 04/26/21 This classes flows in a strong way like a roller coaster going down and around yet just like a roller coaster slowing down as it climbs high; this class has many of those moments as well. Very thorough and complete class.


•102 min •Bryan Kest

Sun, 04/24/22: With an emphasis on discovering the “right” degree in each pose. You find in this routine a very balanced sequence emphasizing nothing but moderation yet touching almost everything:).

Alt or Kolsh…you’re gonna need one after this class

•70 min •Bryan Kest

05/12/22: Using all three warmup sequences this class is the yoga version of sprinting. Although a very complete class the emphasis here is vigor (cardio & stamina) meditation included.

Loosey, goosey thanksgiving flow

•68 min •Bryan Kest

Thu, 11/26/20 – A very simple class focused on deep stretching. The aim of this class is to leaving you very peaceful, calm and ready to be with family as it’s a thanksgiving flow.

Mellow and Mild Flow

•57 min •Bryan Kest

8-11-22 Low volume flow. Bryan’s voice, class pace and poses are mild. Perfect class if you want an mild poweryoga practice with a few challenges along the way.

Stamina is Part of the Fitness Paradigm

•68 min •Bryan Kest

Wed. 03/10/21 A non-stop flow makes stamina this classes emphasis. The sequence is well-rounded and very complete, leave feeling like you touched yourself everywhere with love and care.

Messing Around Down Low  

•69 min •Bryan Kest

After acquiring some heat we sink into a gentle but very sweet crescent lunge sequence (with back knee down) and then we stay close to the floor for some upper body and core strength and then some very unique and cool stretches.


•70 min •Bryan Kest

Thu, 01/27/22: Using all three warmup sequences to encompass the whole class with a few add on poses to really make this feel complete. This class will keep you moving and get you through anywhere you may feel stuck.

Loving Kindness Meditation

•11 min •Melissa Mercedes

Bring attention and awareness to your heart center in this loving guided meditation.

Power in the Breath

•32 min •Temitope Sonuyi

This class is focused on hamstrings and balance.

Pure Bryan!

•63 min •Bryan Kest

A classic Bryan well rounded flow! Designed to energize and revitalize your whole body!…


•59 min •Dan Ward

In this practice, we focus on mindfully using asana to cultivate positive choices.

Psoas Release

•66 min •Tracey Goldman

Power Yoga Online Class: Psoas Release   Connecting to the deep core muscles to lessen our reliance on the psoas muscles, which typically get tight with stress. We find the psoas and loosen it up to let it go, as well as anything holding us down. Walk away feeling freer…

Feel Good Flow

•26 min •Tracey Goldman

Free up the hips in this well rounded feel good class.

Mountain Pose

•2 min •Bryan Kest

Possibilities & Suggestions.

Twist the Day Away

•32 min •Rudy Mettia

Power Yoga Online Class:Twist the Day Away   A 30 Minute practice to twist, sweat, and unwind.

Grab Bag Sweat Fest

•43 min •Byron de Marsé

Well balanced challenging your core and flexibility with backbends and twists.

Beauty Tips

•66 min •Bryan Kest

Mon. 05/10/21 A nice moderate flow to get the juices flowing on a Monday morning. A fairly balanced sequence with warm ups, standing balancing, lunges, twists and deep stretches BUT be aware this class includes some non-redacted stories!…

Nourish The Heart Meditation

•13 min •Melissa Mercedes

A brief guided meditation focused on cultivating mindfulness of the heart space.

20 Minutes & Done #1

•25 min •Bryan Kest

Enjoy this short but sweet 20-something minute yoga class with Bryan Kest that will allow you to tune into what your feeling with what little time you may have to connect with yourself. This class is part of the 20 Minutes & Done Series designed to touch a little of…

Standing Poses Wanted

•103 min •Bryan Kest

Awkward Airplane, Push-Ups, and Half Lotus Sitting Forward Bend.

How to Set an Intention

•88 min •Astrid Kastenberg

Practice with a message, setting an intention to connect the mind, heart, and movement.

Always Smile

•70 min •Bryan Kest

Thu, 12/17/20 – In each class we take our time and warm up, and this class is no different. From there, we slip into a basic standing balancing sequence. After a few standing stretches we head to a very short yet strong lunge sequence and we finish up in a…

For Mona #3

•97 min •Bryan Kest

Long, strong, flight, with a soft landing.