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Side Plank

•4 min •Bryan Kest

Possibilities & Suggestions.

Standing Splits

•3 min •Bryan Kest

Possibilities & Suggestions.

Seated Twist

•4 min •Bryan Kest

Possibilities & Suggestions.


•5 min •Bryan Kest

Possibilities & Suggestions.

Pack in the Standing Poses

•101 min •Travis Eliot

Creative, extended warm up #2. Get packed series of standing poses in this class.

Language of the Divine

•106 min •Bryan Kest

Strong Chair Pose, Side Arm Balance plus three Push-Ups, standing poses. Names called out in Sanskrit.

New Warm Up #2

•102 min •Bryan Kest

Bryan reveals his new variation of Warm Up #2…

Every Nook & Cranny

•111 min •Bryan Kest

Gentle beginning, Hands and Knees poses, nine push ups, Crescent poses, Standing poses, Barackobamasana. Check out the Twisting 1-Leg Side Plank Pose.

A Little Stronger Flow

•109 min •Bryan Kest

Bryan keeps the cardio flow going, but doesn’t forget the strength training!…

All Around

•87 min •Michelle Goldstein

Join Michelle for an all around strength, stretch, and stamina flow!…

All Star Flow

•91 min •Travis Eliot

Keep your stamina and flow and touch everything with this around class with Travis!…

Hips & Twists Flow

•88 min •Michelle Goldstein

This is a rigorous flow class with an emphasis on stretching and strengthening hips plus twists.

Let Go & Say Hello

•88 min •Michelle Goldstein

Let go of your day and challenge your mind and body in the presence of now.


•32 min •Travis Eliot

The second in a series of “Urban Yoga Flow” classes by Travis with the inspiration that yoga can be practiced anywhere. This class is best suited for intermediate/advanced students that already have an understanding of yoga poses. Perfect for those that are limited on time but still want a well…


•33 min •Travis Eliot

This class is best suited for intermediate/advanced students that already have an understanding of yoga poses. Perfect for those that are limited on time but still want a well rounded class that will align both the body and mind!…

Strength & Balance

•91 min •Travis Eliot

Strength say hello to balance! This is an around stamina building class!…

Sweet Standing Balance Flow

•86 min •Travis Eliot

Challenge your balance in this sweet flow!…

Yoga Basics #3

•34 min •Travis Eliot

This 30 min. “Yoga Basics #3” practice is the 3rd in a series geared towards beginners or those looking for a slower, more gentle series. You will focus on good, solid alignment.

Strong & Long

•65 min •Bryan Kest

Touch everything in this quick but strengthening flow with Bryan!…

Strength & Gratitude

•63 min •Byron de Marsé

This class is incrementally challenging and balancing. Try Side Crow Pose or save it for another day. Try matching arm strength with leg strength as Byron takes you through modifications to your flow!…

Practice Presence

•98 min •Michelle Goldstein

Strong, sweaty, flow practice with meditation & encouragement to live the practice in action!…

Dragon Crawl

•86 min •Rudy Mettia

Test your upper body strength in this fierce and entertaining class!…

Vanyasaless Vanyasa Class!

•90 min •Byron de Marsé

Build heat and strength in this creative sequence class with Byron!…

Sensitivity & Strength

•89 min •Byron de Marsé

You can do it all from twists to forearm planks in this class with Byron!…

Know What Your Body Needs

•86 min •Michelle Goldstein

Michelle guides you to practice listening and following your body to find your greater truth and stability in this subtle flowing, but strengthening class!…

The Hipster

•84 min •Rudy Mettia

Upper and Lower body strength building class and deep stretching hip work!…

Tension & Release

•93 min •Byron de Marsé

Find and release tension in this all around class with Byron!…

Journey Through Muscle

•92 min •Travis Eliot

A well rounded power yoga class that gets you sweaty, but focuses on alignment. Bonus includes great core poses and pranayama at the end!…