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Mild Mode Sunday Flow

Active •107 min •Bryan Kest

Sun, 1/24/21 – With a class longer than an hour and a half we definitely have time to hit most all and we do. With whats become tradition we start mild and slow entering our bodies in the least abrasive way possible but then we go strong and dynamic and…

Let Your Luggage Fly

Active •70 min •Bryan Kest

Fri. 04/09/21 Upper body strength, core strength, shoulder stretches, hip and hamstrings. A strong flow with a quick finish.

Just Keep Knocking

Active •72 min •Bryan Kest

Tue, 01/25/22: A gentle beginning allows most all of us to enter this practice which gets things going to a degree to satisfy any desire to strengthen but then spends the rest of the class in deep lengthening. meditation included.

Good Vibrations

Active •72 min •Bryan Kest

Thu, 12/10/20 – This class has a lot of nothing but a little bit of everything. Modestly challenging and very complete. Strength, balance, flexibility, stamina and CVR enjoy!…