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Muscle & Tendon Changing Classics

Active •57 min •Terry Kvasnik

One of the original Chinese Yoga practices developed from Indian Yoga, this set will have you twisting and contorting in the most challenging of ways to develop extreme levels of flexibility and accessible power. A mix of simple and complex moves that take the body through all planes of movement…

Invigorating and Restorative Flow

Active •61 min •Monica Shao

Move, stabilize, and sweat! Energize the whole body and wind down with soothing, restorative stretches from your neck to your hips.

Rollercoaster Flow

Active •69 min •Bryan Kest

Mon. 04/26/21 This classes flows in a strong way like a roller coaster going down and around yet just like a roller coaster slowing down as it climbs high; this class has many of those moments as well. Very thorough and complete class.

Breath Flows, Modest Stroll

Active •65 min •Bryan Kest

Wed, 11/18/20 – Starting with salutations and a modest standing sequence, a more modest lunge sequence and then the cryangle. Camel sequence, spinal twist and rest. Well maybe a few other poses yet certainly a modest flow.