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Ojai Ya Doing?

Active •11 min •Desiree Crossman

Movement with no chaturangas!…

Way Down Low

Mellow •63 min •Bryan Kest

Very passive stretches with a couple strong moments, knees, hips, hamstrings, and spine.

Stop Soaping

Active •71 min •Bryan Kest

Tue, 02/15/22: With deep breathing and a quiet mind and in respect of the very vigorous previous class we keep it light this class but that doesn’t mean it’s not challenging. Legs, butt and many other body parts will certainly be humming.

Chimp – Animal Style

Active •40 min •Terry Kvasnik

I call this Monkey part 2. This one really gets into the hip flexors and works on opening up the range of movement through the pelvic girdle. A good one for building some useful upper body strength that connects the lower body into your movement. This practice also gets you…