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The Storm’s Strength

67 min •Bryan Kest

Tue, 12/14/21: If you have never sailed smoothly through rough seas or challenges you will have once this class ends. A strong approachable flow that presents a safe opportunity to stay calm through challenges or strengthen the most admirable quality of humility by getting out of your ego and backing…

Young Buck and Doe

67 min •Bryan Kest

Th, 11/19/20 – This class is a balance bonanza! Because of that there is loads of strengthening. Of course there are many stretches interspersed and don’t forget falling is an opportunity to be less reactive and more accepting! We finish the class with a deep hip stretch and a sweet…

No Ego Amigo

68 min •Bryan Kest

Tues. 03/09/21 Two sequences of warm-ups with a leg balancing sequence in-between. Then into a six lunge sequence followed by pigeon (deep hip stretch), shoulder-stand, plow and twist. Rest!…

Low to Grow in a Flow

63 min •Bryan Kest

12/8/22 From lengthening to twisting on the ground, in a lunge, in standing and finally in balancing. A twisting, strengthening and balancing sequence that sneaks up on you then smacks you gently.