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Health update:

Aloha Streamers,

It’s now close to 12 weeks since my initial injury. I am for the most part out of pain (although partly because I’m still on meds). I am able to reasonably function as a dad and householder.

My injury has not healed and I’m headed in the next few weeks into my 3rd cortisone spinal injection. Three is the limit so if that doesn’t instigate the healing process the next step would be surgery (after Europe tour).

I am able to lead classes but everything including leading classes takes more effort and creates more discomfort so I’m not tackling life as I was previously but still mentally positive and very hopeful this will resolve.

During this time my yoga model has went back to her day job as a psychotherapist and getting someone else to seriously commit to being my yoga model hasn’t happened.  I know you all schedule these classes into your day and I don’t want to deal with no shows, so I ask for a commitment and so far no one can commit like Melissa did.

I have been laying around trying to think of ways to enrich‘s members experience. Besides adding new classes each month, there are thousands of pre-recorded classes available to you as a paid subscriber. You can filter by class name, type, length, intensity, and instructor to find what suits you and your schedule best!

To view recordings of past live streams, please visit the classes page here:

Then scroll down to the 4th row called “Past Livestreams.” There you will find all the pre-recorded LIVE classes.

This program is a great way to rekindle your wellness practices!

I am again traveling. It is difficult but I have to feed my family and I’m blessed to have the opportunity. So maybe I’ll see some of you in person:))))

Sincerely,  Bryan


Past Livestreams

Inner Activist Dynamic Flow

Active •90 min •Bryan Kest

1/29/23 While using the dynamic nature of this class to strengthen benevolent qualities, this class leads you through a comprehensive flow touching pretty much everything. Meditation included.

Garner Health and Wellness

Active •62 min •Bryan Kest

1/26/23 Getting right into our salutations and then into a dynamic, strong, elongated standing sequence and then realizing our time is up and slipping into a gentle finishing sequence.

This Will Warm You Up

Active •61 min •Bryan Kest

1/24/23 Using all three warmup sequences, it’s a never ending warm up that becomes an entire full, rich, complete class.

You Will Get Stoned

Active •92 min •Bryan Kest

1/22/23 How could you not get stoned from an hour and a half of deep breathing, the release of endorphins running through your blood stream the complete dissolution of tension and the quietness in your mind?…