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The goal of Power Yoga is balance, wellness, and feeling amazing!

Bryan Kest – Creator of Power Yoga

Bryan Kest created Poweryoga.com. He also is the creator of Power Yoga. 

Although Power Yoga has now become a generic term usually used to describe a vigorous yoga class, Bryan’s Power Yoga has much more depth and nuance. This depth and nuance come from 40 years of experience.

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From Gentle to Vigorous

This is why within Bryan’s Power Yoga you will find different types of classes from gentle to vigorous, yin and restorative, prenatal and kids, relaxation, and, of course, meditation. 

Bryan’s definition of Power is broader than most as he knows the definition of Power lies not only in the masculine qualities of strength (yang) but also in the feminine qualities of gentleness (yin). Real health comes from a proper balance. 

Just as 2+2=4, strength + gentleness = moderation (the key to health). Taking things even further, Bryan recognizes that the proper balance is personal and needs to be discovered individually.

Not a Generic Fitness Practice

We are all going through so much, and it affects us differently. A generic fitness practice will not accommodate all of our needs. 

An example: If you have lower back pain, your normal running routine may be inappropriate. If you just discovered you’re pregnant, that vigorous class might be dangerous to the embryo. If you are getting up there in years, that same old thing you always have done becomes out of date.

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A Unique Approach

Modern medicine is now telling us most disease emanates from mental stress, which means, responsibly-speaking, fitness routines need to address the mind, otherwise it has a very superficial effect. 

Something super cool is that in personalizing a dynamic fitness routine, such as many of poweryoga.com’s classes, , meditation automatically appears as it is a natural by-product of personalizing. 

Meditation is the antidote to the stress that’s poisoning us. This is one of the many ways Poweryoga.com adds depth to the user’s experience and enhances results!

Ethics, Generosity & Integrity

As we know, variety is the spice of life. So, Bryan Kest brings you a few of his hand-picked instructors which have passed Bryan’s test of either succeeding in the most saturated fitness market on earth (southern California) or simply having years upon years of personal yoga experience. Most of these instructors have both. 

We understand that ethics, integrity, and generosity are a valid part of the wellness paradigm, and as the creator of the western world’s first donation yoga studio, “Santa Monica Power Yoga,” we have always demonstrated these qualities in our business. 

We do this by being upfront and transparent in offerings and price. We do this by offering updated technology and excellent customer service. We do this by giving monthly to charities like Children’s Tumor Foundation, Smile Train, Veterans Yoga Project. We even offer free content so this beautiful practice is available to all.

Power Yoga Is…

a calm and peaceful mind. A strong physical practice needs to be grounded in a strong mental practice.
Power Yoga believes a calm and peaceful mind is:

More centered and objective

More accepting of life and its fluctuations

More in tune with the body, feelings, and intuition

Less dominated by habits and addictive behavior

Less reactive to outer situations

The Power Yoga Perspective

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