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Autobiography of an American Yogi

Power Yoga Master Class w/Shefa Yoga (Venice, CA)

Saturday, March 23rd @1:30-3:30pm

Long, Slow, and Deep (LSD) Class w/Shefa Yoga (Venice, CA)

Saturday, March 23rd @5:30-8pm

Power Yoga Weekend Workshop - Kripalu (Stockbridge, MA)

Friday, April 5-Sunday, April 7, 2024

Power Yoga Teacher Training & Immersion - Kripalu (Stockbridge, MA)

April 7-12, 2024

Power Yoga Masterclass w/Equilibrium Movement (Cocoa Beach, FL)

Saturday, April 13th, 2024 @2-4:30pm

Bliss Out Yoga Retreat 2024 (Sardinia, Italy)

June 23-June 29, 2024

Power Yoga Masterclass w/Bend Yoga (Milford, CT)

Wednesday, September 11th @7pm

Long, Slow, and Deep (LSD) Class w/Bend Yoga (Milford, CT)

Thursday, September 12th @5:30pm

Our philosophy

Power Yoga is about working hard, sensitively. The tone and shapeliness you attain from this work is a by-product.

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30 Days to a New You

Active •Bryan Kest

Check out our new program that offers an entry point — or re-entry point — into the world of healing exercise. I want to offer people a place to ignite or reignite a comprehensive yet approachable fitness routine that’s adaptable to who you are and where you are at and flexible enough…

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Meditation Preparation

Mellow •31 min •Steve Jones

Release tension from your spine with a series of twists, followed by a hip opening sequence to prepare your body for seated meditation.

Strong Legs

Active •65 min •Dan Ward

Work some long holds in standing poses.

For Angel – Short Version

Active •70 min •Bryan Kest

A sweet balancing sequence and full body strength into a sweet floor stretch.

Chair Yoga: Twist Practice

Mellow •15 min •Mike Nader

A quick and accessible twist practice for anyone looking to increase strength and flexibility around the spine using chair variations of familiar postures.

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