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Our philosophy

Power Yoga is about working hard, sensitively. The tone and shapeliness you attain from this work is a by-product.

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20 Minutes & Done

•Bryan Kest

Time is of the essence, but we should always prioritize…

Yoga Nidra

Take a step back from the hustle and bustle of…

Tai Chi

•Terry Kvasnik

Tai Chi, often described as “meditation in motion” is a…

Chakra Wash

This yoga series focuses on the different chakra or energy…

Strengthen your mind and body

with our vast collection of single-session classes

Garner Health and Wellness

•62 min •Bryan Kest

1/26/23 Getting right into our salutations and then into…

This Will Warm You Up

•61 min •Bryan Kest

1/24/23 Using all three warmup sequences, it’s a never…

You Will Get Stoned

•92 min •Bryan Kest

1/22/23 How could you not get stoned from an…

Upper Body Strength

•61 min •Bryan Kest

1/19/23 This class is a very active and dynamic…

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with Bryan Kest and and our diverse team of Instructors

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