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Mike Nader


Mike Nader first began practicing yoga with Bryan Kest in 2004 in order to help his posture as a drummer. What began as a physical practice quickly evolved into a mental practice, keeping him sane while he was on tour. After leaving the music industry, Mike went back to school and became an occupational therapist, currently specializing in orthopedics.

Always looking to develop and expand his practice, Mike is a student of Para Yoga founder, Rod Stryker, and continues to deepen his understanding of the Yogic and Tantric traditions. Mike’s classes are complete practices with deliberate themes and include strong poses, breathwork, and meditation. Mike’s style of yoga is dynamic and therapeutic, perfect for students looking to improve their knowledge of yoga.

Series with Mike

Yoga for the 50’s and Beyond
Mellow • 31 min • Mike Nader

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