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Backbend Practice

A strong and focused 90-minute practice to build energy in the system. You will move through dynamic warrior 1, half moon, handstand, bridge and bow pose to prepare for a deeper upward facing bow. Enjoy!

Mike Nader
87 mins




Thank you Mike, you are truly a gifted instructor!!

February 5, 2021

samtosa108, on the Backbend Practice class.

I like Mike

November 27, 2020

mcutillo, on the Backbend Practice class.

I think I would follow this voice off a cliff...

November 12, 2020

Janepark, on the Backbend Practice class.

Thank you, Mike, I am grateful for your emphasis upon breath, which is vitally important for minimizing stagnation within lung tissue. Healthy lungs are extremely important for proper immune system functions, during these times of the Corona virus. I am also thankful for your mention of Innate and its forces and expressions within our bodies and minds. You, sir, are of a special Spirit. Namaste.

November 1, 2020

Joseph, on the Backbend Practice class.

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