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Tracey Goldman


I love yoga! I love how strong and supple the body gets, how calm and centered the mind becomes, and the inner peace and awareness that develops from continued practice. I look at yoga as a moving meditation…quieting the mind while enlivening every muscle and cell in the body. Flowing through the asanas helps us to flow gracefully through the changes in life.

Finding our physical and mental edge, we build strength, stamina, and endurance. Linking our breath, body, and mind helps us remain calm in challenging situations. How we learn to practice yoga carries through to how we operate in our daily lives. In yoga, we practice becoming more aware of our breath, our bodies, our thoughts, our patterns, ourselves. When our awareness of ourselves deepens, we become more finely attuned to the world around us. We raise our level of consciousness. We learn not to judge, not to compete, not to criticize, but to be less bound by our egos. We begin to accept ourselves and others. We become better people, more at ease, more peaceful, more powerful, more loving, more compassionate, more present in every moment.

As a native Los Angeleno, I have had the privilege of practicing yoga with Bryan Kest, as well as many other talented teachers for almost 20 years. In my classes, I draw on my wide range of experiences. I teach with love and compassion, anchored with the breath, focus, and detailed attention to alignment. Expect to challenge yourself, take care of yourself, deepen your practice, and have some fun along the way. Then observe the ripple effect it all has.


Tracey Goldman

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