Long & Strong Classes

Calisthenics Strengthening Flow
Dynamic • 86 min • Andres Salcedo

This morning calisthenics strengthening flow workout contains a variety of motor and coordination movements for the whole body.

Soft to Hard to Soft
Dynamic • 107 min • Bryan Kest

Super soft beginning into a total flow.

The Devil Made Me Do It
Vigorous • 98 min • Bryan Kest

Standing sequences and deep hip stretches.

I Hope You Enjoy This!
Dynamic • 113 min • Bryan Kest

Basic well rounded flow, anecdotes and philosophy abound.

Build Strength, Keep it Open
Vigorous • 101 min • Bryan Kest

Upper body strength with hip openers. This longer, dynamic class takes you through a flowing series ranging from sweet warm-ups...

Dive Deep
Dynamic • 101 min • Temitope Sonuyi

Take a yogic trip starting with a deep dive into breath and stillness. Slowly travel through some poses that challenge...

Single Focus
Vigorous • 88 min • Hilaire Lockwood

An intermediate to advanced practice with Hilaire Lockwood that challenges the mind, the body, and the spirit to work as...

Chakra Wash Flow
Dynamic • 86 min • Hilaire Lockwood

Experience this vinyasa flow class  to wash the chakra energy points in the body and experience increased well-being and vitality....

Advanced Power Yoga
Vigorous • 70 min • Hilaire Lockwood

Advanced power yoga flow with plenty of challenging arm balances, twists, inversions, and backbends.

Sweetly Twisting
Dynamic • 97 min • Bryan Kest

A sweat inducing flow with extra twists.

Pause for the Cause
Dynamic • 85 min • Rudy Mettia

A slow and deliberate power yoga flow.

From the Earth to the Sky
Dynamic • 37 min • Temitope Sonuyi

A full practice finding length, building lower body, and core strength.

Hamstrings & Hips
Vigorous • 96 min • Steve Jones

This practice will cultivate awareness and strength in areas that tend to get stretched more than strengthened.

Rod of Strength
Approachable • 88 min • Temitope Sonuyi

Countdown to core strength with breath and calmness, landing in a well deserved shavasana and meditation.

Building Basics into Dynamics
Vigorous • 80 min • Byron de Marsé

Practice rounding from the spine building heat and strength while working through a series of quick apexes.

Strong & Long
Vigorous • 65 min • Bryan Kest

Touch everything in this quick but strengthening flow with Bryan!

The Mind & The Moment
Dynamic • 89 min • Michelle Goldstein

Learning to recognize the mind versus the moment in this all over rigorous flow practice!

A Little Stronger Flow
Vigorous • 109 min • Bryan Kest

Bryan keeps the cardio flow going, but doesn't forget the strength training!

Strength Building
Vigorous • 80 min • Rudy Mettia

Strength building, deep stretching, with lower body work!

Hot Sauce II
Vigorous • 104 min • Bryan Kest

Plenty of Hot Sauce with Side Arm Balance Series, plus Core Strength.

(LSD) Long, Slow, & Deep – XL
Vigorous • 240 min • Bryan Kest

Bryan's famous deep, deep class, filmed in Hamburg, Germany.

Lower Body Blast
Vigorous • 101 min • Bryan Kest

Intense Pasakonasana, Binding Standing Pose Series balanced by Pigeon pose.