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Strength & Presence
N/A • 63 min • Travis Eliot

Strength & Presence Work on strength while elevating mind and body in this vigorous and rewarding flow with Travis!

Let it Go!
N/A • 61 min • Byron de Marsé

Let it Go! Get long and strong in this challenging flow and then let it all go with Byron!

Hug Anything
N/A • 30 min • Dan Ward

Slow, steady, approachable. Discover the power of another level of gentleness.

N/A • 65 min • Bryan Kest

Is it Yin or Yang or something in-between. Certainly it's something you've never seen.

Circulation Appreciation
N/A • 24 min • Byron de Marsé

Four gentle flows to promote circulation.

Mellow Out
N/A • 47 min • Steve Jones

A nice mellow practice with a little bit of flow that will get you moving, breathing, out of your head...

Way Down Low
N/A • 63 min • Bryan Kest

Very passive stretches with a couple strong moments, knees, hips, hamstrings, and spine.

Indulge or Discard
N/A • 29 min • Bryan Kest

No standing poses, upper body and core strength and a couple of nice ending stretches.

From The Ground Up
N/A • 48 min • Steve Jones

Starting with the feet then working our way up, you will gently activate, energize and stretch your whole body.

Morning Expansion Workout Flow
N/A • 83 min • Andres Salcedo

This morning expansion yoga flow workout is designed to open, stretch, tone and strengthen the whole body.

Yoga for Anyone
N/A • 31 min • Mike Nader

This is a well-rounded chair yoga sequence that will challenge your strength, flexibility, balance, and improve posture in a short...

30 Minutes & Done #8
N/A • 28 min • Bryan Kest

Flirt with all the different places you're feeling in this modest 30 min. flow!

Wise Body & Mind
N/A • 88 min • Astrid Kastenberg

A moderate class flow that emphasizes connecting your Body + Mind + Breath, allowing you to better understand how your...

In the Zone
N/A • 31 min • Steve Jones

A 30 min. practice to get you out of your head and into the yogic zone.

Pre-Bedtime Serenity
N/A • 34 min • Melissa Mercedes

This class will focus on postures to help relieve overall emotional and physical tension, translating into a restful night of...

Quick & Strong
N/A • 33 min • Bryan Kest

Strength & Stretch!

Morning Movement
N/A • 10 min • Desiree Crossman

Upper body movement targeting the shoulder girdle and slowly waking up the legs with a few awesome chair poses.

30 Minutes & Done #1
N/A • 34 min • Bryan Kest

A well rounded 30 minute flow!

Pick & Choose
N/A • 62 min • Bryan Kest

From softening to strengthening, pick and choose your adventure, but remember to breath deep and free in this integrated flow...

Yoga Basics #4
N/A • 39 min • Travis Eliot

This Yoga Basics #4 practice is the 4th in a series geared towards beginners seeking a solid foundation in alignment...