Featured & Free Classes

Build Vitality
Approachable • 36 min • Mike Nader

This dynamic practice features sun salutes, backbends, and laterals to build energy in the body and unwind tension in the...

Office Yoga
Approachable • 15 min • Mike Nader

This is your go-to practice if you only have 15 minutes and want to stretch and release tension at work,...

Twists & Shout
Dynamic • 44 min • Monica Shao

Building low body and core strength in a fun dynamic flow.

I Hope You Enjoy This!
Dynamic • 113 min • Bryan Kest

Basic well rounded flow, anecdotes and philosophy abound.

Pop a Squat
Dynamic • 37 min • Byron de Marsé

Create energy and sweet squatting throughout this flow.

Wise Body & Mind
Dynamic • 88 min • Astrid Kastenberg

A moderate class flow that emphasizes connecting your Body + Mind + Breath, allowing you to better understand how your...

Inner Peace
Dynamic • 58 min • Dan Ward

A calming and peaceful practice, with deep stretches and balancing poses, moving with breath and acceptance.

Meditation for Anxiety
Approachable • 12 min • Bryan Kest

Calmness is a muscle, train your mind to be calm and peaceful.

Triple Twists
Dynamic • 58 min • Rudy Mettia

A class of culminating twists. Enjoy this active sequence focused on opening back, shoulder and chest areas. This 45-minute flow...

Dynamic • 30 min • Rudy Mettia

Whether it's the beginning of the day to energize or the end to chill out discover your own pace within...

Morning Movement
Dynamic • 10 min • Desiree Crossman

Upper body movement targeting the shoulder girdle and slowly waking up the legs with a few awesome chair poses.

Anywhere Anytime
Approachable • 11 min • Brian Gallo

Zen principles in plain English. In this practice, we’ll create some internal space and begin to retain autonomy over our...

30 Minutes & Done #2
Dynamic • 32 min • Bryan Kest

This is the second from our 30 Minutes & Done series with Bryan Kest. This short 30 minute class includes...

30 Mins. Yin Yoga
Approachable • 30 min • Travis Eliot

In this Yin Yoga 30 min session with Travis Elliot we hold deep stretches for 1 1/2-2min. to promote flexibility...

20 Minutes & Done #1
Dynamic • 25 min • Bryan Kest

Enjoy this short but sweet 20-something minute yoga class with Bryan Kest that will allow you to tune into what...

Restorative Class #1
Approachable • 49 min • Melissa Mercedes

Ease into stillness and relaxation in this restorative class emphasizing the use of props (bolsters, blocks, blankets) to support your...

Pick & Choose
Dynamic • 62 min • Bryan Kest

From softening to strengthening, pick and choose your adventure, but remember to breath deep and free in this integrated flow...

Every Nook & Cranny
Vigorous • 111 min • Bryan Kest

Gentle beginning, Hands and Knees poses, nine push ups, Crescent poses, Standing poses, Barackobamasana. Check out the Twisting 1-Leg Side...