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Unwind & De-stress

Release tension from your hips, hamstrings, and low back, before moving on to your shoulders, neck and upper back.

Steve Jones
46 mins




Thank you, Steve and Melissa, for your wonderfully restorative practice for the pelvis, hips, and shoulders. Steve, I did indeed discover much "stuff", which after releasing brought a greatly different perspective to and within my body and mind. I am always grateful for your gentle soul. Blessings.

June 1, 2021

Joseph, on the Unwind & De-stress class.

Was craving and jonesing for some Jonesy, ahhh yeah…

May 31, 2021

mcutillo, on the Unwind & De-stress class.

Outstanding!!! All on the floor stretches from bottom to top and all around. Felt fantastic after a lot of hard workouts. Ahhh. Mellow. Thanks Steve!!

May 28, 2021

Kate, on the Unwind & De-stress class.

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