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Free Membership Benefits

Thank you for exploring Power Yoga!

We’re excited to have you in our community. As a free member, you have access to 20 free classes with 3 new classes added each month.

Free Classes

Morning Asymmetric Workout Flow

83 min •Andres Salcedo

This morning asymmetric workout flow is designed to create muscular extension and energy expansion throughout the body.

Strength & Presence

63 min •Travis Eliot

Strength & Presence Work on strength while elevating mind and body in this vigorous and rewarding flow with Travis!…

Unwind & De-stress

46 min •Steve Jones

Release tension from your hips, hamstrings, and low back, before moving on to your shoulders, neck and upper back.

Hug Anything

30 min •Dan Ward

Slow, steady, approachable. Discover the power of another level of gentleness.


65 min •Bryan Kest

Is it Yin or Yang or something in-between. Certainly it’s something you’ve never seen.

Circulation Appreciation

24 min •Byron de Marsé

Four gentle flows to promote circulation.

Standing Long & Strong

34 min •Bryan Kest

A quick deep standing flow.

Meditation of Gratitude #2

17 min •Bryan Kest

Meditation of Gratitude.

30 Minutes & Done #8

28 min •Bryan Kest

Flirt with all the different places you’re feeling in this modest 30 min. flow!…

Circular Movements

40 min •Byron de Marsé

Power Yoga Online Class: Circular Movements   A new spin on Sun Salutations including outer hip engagement, fluidity and grace with lateral movements.

Pre-Bedtime Serenity

34 min •Melissa Mercedes

This class will focus on postures to help relieve overall emotional and physical tension, translating into a restful night of sleep. Recommended Props: Block, Bolster, Blanket.

Chakra Wash Flow

86 min •Hilaire Lockwood

Experience this vinyasa flow class  to wash the chakra energy points in the body and experience increased well-being and vitality. This class is guided by Hilaire Lockwood and begins with postures stimulating the root chakra and traveling upward through the chakra system touching all seven energy centers.

Chair Yoga

18 min •Bryan Kest

An approachable and effective seated sequence if sitting down may be more optimal or if you’ve been spending time in front of a computer at the office this is a quick practice to refresh and reboot.

Dynamic Flow

33 min •Mike Nader

This is a great routine if you have a short amount of time to practice and want to feel strong, revitalized and clear. Begin the practice with kapalabhati for purification, deepen your breath with parsvakonasana, move through unique sun salutations, lateral poses and back-bending for a strong and complete physical…

Yoga for Deep Meditation

30 min •Mike Nader

This is a truly efficient and balanced practice that culminates in a brief meditation on the breath. With the body properly prepared, meditation becomes much more accessible. This practice effectively opens the hips, strengthens the lower back, deepens and regulates the breath, and leads to stillness and focus.


25 min •Steve Jones

Set the tone with Ujayii breath, then move through a series of twists that will strengthen your abs and leave you feeling invigorated.

Anywhere Anytime

11 min •Brian Gallo

Zen principles in plain English. In this practice, we’ll create some internal space and begin to retain autonomy over our focus and attention. Grab a comfortable seat and let’s begin.

Quick Fix

33 min •Steve Jones

This class will challenge your balance, strengthen your core and open your hips.

Like a Mountain

62 min •Byron de Marsé

This quick and steady flow with Byron features standing poses lengthening from the spine and core building strength!…

Power Yoga “Flexibility”

34 min •Travis Eliot

This Power Yoga “Flexibility” 30 min. is my favorite type of practice…a dynamic flow to get warm followed by a deep stretch floor series to get super open. And for those of you that are limited on time you can get all this in 30min!!!…