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Tai Chi

Tai Chi, often described as “meditation in motion” is a series of gentle physical exercises and stretches. Each posture flows into the next without pause, ensuring that your body is in constant motion.

During these online tai chi classes, you can expect to feel a sense of balance and harmony and an overall deep connection to your center. You’ll also feel your skeletal alignment improving and strengthening. You’ll feel a lightness and flow to all of your movements as well as a powerful strength and connectedness to the Earth. You could go through the whole series in 2-4 weeks but that’s not a challenge! Once you’ve learned the series, that's when the fun really starts.

To start, we recommend taking classes at least 3 days a week. However, the most beneficial way is to practice the form a few times, or what you know of it, every day. It is good to incorporate small parts of the practice daily to get the most out of it.

Terry Kvasnik




Classes in this Series

Tai chi – Lesson 1: Opening
• 36 min • Terry Kvasnik

Preparation and opening movement to the form. Although simple there is a lot going on here that extends throughout the...

Tai Chi – Lesson 2: Repulse the Monkey
• 37 min

First movement of the form. Repulse the monkey movement brings the waist and core twisting into the picture for you...

Tai chi – Lesson 3: Brush knee, twist step
• 44 min • Terry Kvasnik

Hereʼs where we start stepping as we move with the 6 harmonies in play. Advancing into whole body co-ordination and...

Tai chi – Lesson 4: Part the Wild Horseʼs Mane
• 37 min • Terry Kvasnik

"Working the same lower body movements as in the last movement of the form and changing the arms to move...

Tai Chi – Lesson 5: Parting Clouds
• 43 min • Terry Kvasnik

A beautifully elegant and powerful movement. Here we will be utilizing our practice of weight transfer and relaxed waist twisting....

Tai Chi – Lesson 6: Golden Rooster Stands on 1 Leg into Heel Kick
• 45 min • Terry Kvasnik

Getting into our one leg balance here and experiencing how continuous core engagement is fundamental to proper practice of these...

Tai Chi – Lesson: 7 Ward Off, Roll Back, Press Push (one side)
• 42 min • Terry Kvasnik

This is the most intricate movement patterns of the form and brings into play all the principles and elements of...

Tai Chi Lesson: 8 Ward Off, Roll Back, Press Push (other side)
• 45 min • Terry Kvasnik

Weʼre repeating the same sequence on the other side here, but now weʼre familiar with the movement we can give...

Tai Chi – Lesson: 9 Closing of the Form
• 42 min • Terry Kvasnik

The final movement of the form! The last and maybe simplest move of the form that brings the form to...

Tai Chi – Lesson: 10 The Form in All Itʼs Glory!
• 67 min • Terry Kvasnik

Now we have the form in its entirety we have the place to truly practice all of the principles of...

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