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Qi Gong can be described as a mind-body-spirit practice - it aims to improve one's mental and physical health by integrating posture, movement, breathing technique, self-massage, sound, and focused intent.

Through each of these online Qi Gong classes, you feel a deep sense of inner stillness and an intimate awareness of Chi flow. You will feel a state of meditative presence. You may notice sensations through the body such as heat, tingling, electricity. These are normal and worth noticing but not something to focus on. Keep returning to the breath and the movement.

Start by practicing every other day if you can. To gain the optimal benefits from these practices you should practice every day if possible. If this isn’t possible then as many days through the week as you can.

Within a month of practicing one of the Qi Gong sets, you should begin to notice a significant difference in your practice. This is assuming you are practicing every day or every other day.

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Classes in this Series

Tree, Qi and Walking
• 47 min • Terry Kvasnik

Through this practice you will see how standing still and walking can be the most demanding of workouts you could...

5 Elements Iron Buddha
• 36 min • Terry Kvasnik

This very simple but deeply restorative practice. It is what is known as medicinal Qi gong. In Chinese medicine, each...

Blue Dragon
• 25 min • Terry Kvasnik

One of the more unique sets. It is a deep internal practice. Externally, this practice focuses on leg, back, waist...

Dragon Style
• 27 min • Terry Kvasnik

Awaken the Dragon within through a combination of 2 ancient practices - The Dragon tea cups and The swimming Dragon...

The 8 Silken Movements
• 25 min • Terry Kvasnik

This is an incredibly effective and simple practice for cultivating health in the body and organs. It also builds foundational...

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