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30 Minutes & Done

Time is of the essence, but we should always prioritize our wellness. If you’re short on time but trying to hold a more consistent yoga practice, the “30 Minutes and Done” series is the perfect choice for you. This series consists of only 30-minute classes with Bryan Kest, designed to activate the body with yoga, create awareness, and touch a little of everything gently. The videos in this series hit every sweet spot - back muscles, upper body, standing poses, and more. If you’re looking to work your way into a more intense practice in the future, this is a great place to start. This series could definitely be considered short classes, but since we have an amazing selection of 10 mins classes from our amazing instructor Desiree Crossman, these classes are short but tend to be more thorough and complete. If this is all you have time for you will feel like you did enough.

Bryan Kest




Classes in this Series

30 Minutes & Done #1
• 34 min • Bryan Kest

A well rounded 30 minute flow!

30 Minutes & Done #2
• 32 min • Bryan Kest

This is the second from our 30 Minutes & Done series with Bryan Kest. This short 30 minute class includes...

30 Minutes & Done #3
• 37 min • Bryan Kest

Top, middle, and bottom strength.

30 Minutes & Done #4
• 37 min • Bryan Kest

A classic Bryan flow.

30 Minutes & Done #5
• 32 min • Bryan Kest

Extra twists and stretches.

30 Minutes & Done #6
• 32 min • Bryan Kest

Balance and its by-product, strength.

30 Minutes & Done #7
• 28 min • Bryan Kest

Modest warm up, modest strength, deep hip stretching.

30 Minutes & Done #8
• 28 min • Bryan Kest

Flirt with all the different places you're feeling in this modest 30 min. flow!

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