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Lower & Upper Back

The most problematic region of the human body is the spine. One statistic that said 80% of Americans have suffered from back pain. So we offer another series that offers well-rounded classes that emphasize the spine and its surrounding region.

Yoga is a healing technique that can improve posture, promote healthy spine alignment and strengthen core muscles. Our Lower and Upper back series focuses specifically on spinal health and is perfect for anyone looking to reduce back pain, improve posture and increase spinal strength.

This type of yoga is great for office workers or anyone who spends the majority of their day immersed in computer-oriented work. Wake up your body and show it some extra TLC with this series.

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Classes in this Series

Lower Back And Hip Health
• 27 min • Tracey Goldman

Power Yoga Online Class: A Healthy Lower Back   Engaging core to support length in low back, basic poses with...

Twisting the Day & Night Away
• 32 min • Rudy Mettia

Power Yoga Online Class:Twist the Day Away   A 30 Minute practice to twist, sweat, and unwind.

Basic Spine Movements
• 34 min • Steve Jones

Power Yoga Online Class: The 5 Movements of the Spine   Flexion (Forward Bends), Extension (Back bends), Rotation (Twists), Lateral...

Neck & Shoulder Freedom
• 40 min • Mike Nader

Power Yoga Online Class: Shoulders & Neck   This is a targeted practice to develop stability and freedom in your...

Back & Core
• 35 min • Steve Jones

Power Yoga Online Class: Back At It   Begin class on your back using a strap to release tension around...

Honor Your Back
• 103 min • Bryan Kest

Start by warming the back, then the upper body in general. Then repeat for focused attention on the core. Camel...

Say Hello to Your Shoulders
• 84 min • Rudy Mettia

Say hello to shoulder strength and longs arms then take a run through the forest with some Eagle Crutches and...

Spinal Length and A Little Backbending
• 67 min • Steve Jones

This class focuses on spinal length and creating a feeling of space and evenness as you work through various backbends,...

An Hour of Floorying!
• 67 min • Bryan Kest

Something different mostly on the floor. Stamina and strength orientated.

Pull Yourself Together in 30 Minutes
• 86 min • Steve Jones

This sequence is designed for a healthier stronger back and open shoulders.

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