Get Up & Go! AM Morning Yoga Practice

Get yourself into a regular morning yoga routine with this series of classes designed to inspire, invigorate and ignite your day.

Multiple instructors



Classes in this Series

Movement in the Morning
Dynamic • 10 min • Desiree Crossman

Upper body movement targeting the shoulder girdle and slowly waking up the legs with a few awesome chair poses.

Nothing Like a Sweet Lazy Monday Morning
Dynamic • 100 min • Bryan Kest

A modestly vigorous standing sequence, a mellow floor sequence, with a sweet finish!

The Rise and The Shine
Dynamic • 33 min • Byron de Marsé

Warm up with a change of pace in this class designed to increase circulation faster than the usual flow.

Gently Awaken
Dynamic • 66 min • Bryan Kest

Mostly standing sequences.

Morning Wake & Bake
Approachable • 14 min • Desiree Crossman

A quick morning routine with fundamental movements to start your day.

Shot of Energy
Dynamic • 33 min • Steve Jones

A practice to get you moving.

Activate the Day
Approachable • 25 min • Dan Ward

This is a super compact, complete practice in under 30 minutes! Start off with some simple core work. Stretch it...

20 Minutes Practice 4
Dynamic • 25 min • Bryan Kest

Upper Body Strength.

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