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Short & Sweet Classes

Ballet Flow
N/A • 35 min • Byron de Marsé

Designed to strengthen the adductor muscles, with balance, strength, and flexibility packed into a dynamic flow.

Twist to Aline
N/A • 33 min • Dan Ward

Find alignment and single focus in this therapeutic class with a cycle of twists from laying to standing.

Chair Yoga: Chair Dog
N/A • 16 min • Dan Ward

Sticking with the shoulders to start, we explore Downdog using a chair. From there, we find another level of intensity...

Low Back Maintenance
N/A • 31 min • Steve Jones

A sequence designed for general, overall low back maintenance.

Core Flow
N/A • 38 min • Tracey Goldman

Strengthen the muscles that support a healthy spine, improving posture. Heart openers and hips too.

Shoulder Maintenance
N/A • 21 min • Steve Jones

This practice will provide your shoulders with greater strength and flexibility by gently working and stretching the surrounding muscles.

Office Yoga
N/A • 15 min • Mike Nader

This is your go-to practice if you only have 15 minutes and want to stretch and release tension at work,...

20 Minutes & Done #2
N/A • 24 min • Bryan Kest

Back muscles and mobility.

Pop a Squat
N/A • 37 min • Byron de Marsé

Create energy and sweet squatting throughout this flow.

Head to Toes
N/A • 32 min • Steve Jones

A strong steady stretch from the toes to the hips with a little bit of core and shoulders.

Non-Linear Flow
N/A • 30 min • Rudy Mettia

A non-linear progression to break patterns finding variety in movement.

20-Minute Power Up
N/A • 23 min • Mike Nader

Power Yoga Online Class: 20-Minute Power Up   A quick and well-rounded practice when you’re short on time.

Sweet Warm Ups are Everything
N/A • 24 min • Bryan Kest

Unique warm ups and back muscles.

Chakras 5, 6, & 7 Shot
N/A • 17 min • Hilaire Lockwood

Chakras 5, 6, and 7 – a short practice with posture, breath, and meditation to encourage movement toward the upper...

20 Minutes & Done #5
N/A • 25 min • Bryan Kest

20 minutes of length strength.

Energy Shot
N/A • 33 min • Steve Jones

A practice to get you moving.

Burn Bridges
N/A • 13 min • Desiree Crossman

Work up a sweat with the bridge pose.

Wake & Bake
N/A • 14 min • Desiree Crossman

A quick morning routine with fundamental movements to start your day.

Quick & Strong
N/A • 33 min • Bryan Kest

Strength & Stretch!

Ham Sandwich
N/A • 16 min • Desiree Crossman

A quick routine to build flexibility in the hamstrings.

Stoking the Fire
N/A • 9 min • Desiree Crossman

A less then 10 minute fire starter stoking with breath and building strength.

Bed Yoga
N/A • 11 min • Desiree Crossman

Feeling a little slow in the morning and not ready to get out of bed yet? This is your best...

Animal Kingdom
N/A • 8 min • Desiree Crossman

An energizing tour through Animal Kingdom. Starting out in crocodile and move into slithering like a snake, adding some locust,...

20 Minutes & Done #4
N/A • 25 min • Bryan Kest

Moderate Standing Flow with Sweet Resting Pose.

Strength & Play
N/A • 31 min • Tracey Goldman

A comprehensive 30 minute flow with a little bit of everything.

20 Minutes & Done #3
N/A • 25 min • Bryan Kest

Upper Body Strength.

30 Minutes & Done #2
N/A • 32 min • Bryan Kest

This is the second from our 30 Minutes & Done series with Bryan Kest. This short 30 minute class includes...

A Flow To Let Go
N/A • 35 min • Byron de Marsé

A strong flow themed on flexion and extension.

Stand, Turn, and Sit
N/A • 20 min • Temitope Sonuyi

A brief journey through strength, flexibility, and balance ending in a calm inner stillness.

Quick Fix
N/A • 33 min • Steve Jones

This class will challenge your balance, strengthen your core and open your hips.

30 Minutes & Done #1
N/A • 34 min • Bryan Kest

A well rounded 30 minute flow!

20 Minutes & Done #1
N/A • 25 min • Bryan Kest

Enjoy this short but sweet 20-something minute yoga class with Bryan Kest that will allow you to tune into what...

Get Down & Roll Around
N/A • 28 min • Dan Ward

It is a quick trip in under 30 minutes, to your personal yoga playtime! Maybe you are ready for handstand,...