Most Popular Classes

20 Minutes & Done #7
Approachable • 28 min • Bryan Kest

Modest warm up, modest strength, deep hip stretching.

Low Back Maintenance
Approachable • 67 min • Steve Jones

Release tension from your hips and hamstrings and develop core and abdominal strength to support a healthy low back.

The Devil Made Me Do It
Vigorous • 98 min • Bryan Kest

Standing sequences and deep hip stretches.

Yoga for Anyone
Approachable • 31 min • Mike Nader

This is a well-rounded chair yoga sequence that will challenge your strength, flexibility, balance, and improve posture in a short...

Twists & Shout
Dynamic • 44 min • Monica Shao

Building low body and core strength in a fun dynamic flow.

Almond Milk #2
Dynamic • 95 min • Bryan Kest

A mellow all inclusive flow.

1 Hour Power Hour #2
Dynamic • 70 min • Bryan Kest

Lower body strength and cardio.

Wise Body & Mind
Dynamic • 88 min • Astrid Kastenberg

A moderate class flow that emphasizes connecting your Body + Mind + Breath, allowing you to better understand how your...

Dynamic • 101 min • Bryan Kest

[A simple practice, yet not easy.

Simple, Basic, & Easy
Approachable • 66 min • Bryan Kest

Basic, but stimulating standing flow, no leg balances.

All Level Flow
Dynamic • 64 min • Tracey Goldman

You can choose. Basic poses with add-ons. Hip opening and heart opening leading to pigeon and of course savasana.

Wham Bam Thank You!
Dynamic • 70 min • Bryan Kest

Active balance sequence.

We Are Warriors
Approachable • 10 min • Desiree Crossman

A quick flow working with the warrior postures.

Dynamic • 33 min • Travis Eliot

In this Power Yoga "Detox" you will move through a heavy dosage of twists to take care of the spine...

Sweet & Complete!
Vigorous • 59 min • Bryan Kest

3 progressively strong warmup sequences and a little cool down.

Every Nook & Cranny
Vigorous • 111 min • Bryan Kest

Gentle beginning, Hands and Knees poses, nine push ups, Crescent poses, Standing poses, Barackobamasana. Check out the Twisting 1-Leg Side...