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Healthy Backs

A yoga practice can help strengthen and stretch our back muscles, ultimately improving mobility. These shorter, half-hour classes take you through a series of poses to target this area by engaging your core and focusing on achieving a full range of motion in the hips through all planes.

Yoga for lower back pain relief works by allowing yourself to breathe into your muscles and your back - you’ll release tension that could contribute to lower back pain, tightness and strains.

You can expect the muscles that support your spine to become stronger. Enabling those muscles to be more supportive reduces the pressure on the discs. Ease of movement and range of motion should also increase. These can be practiced every other day if desired for as long as desired as these will also be a good substitute for any other exercise routine.

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Classes in this Series

Spinal Mobility
• 32 min • Byron de Marsé

A great way to start your day with specific exercises to increase thoracic spine mobility.

Electrify the Spine!
• 67 min • Travis Eliot

This is a perfect 1 hour class with twists and heart openers. Challenging - yet attainable - with lots of...

Core Flow
• 38 min • Tracey Goldman

Strengthen the muscles that support a healthy spine, improving posture. Heart openers and hips too.

Spine Awakening
• 12 min • Desiree Crossman

Simple spine awakening movement, flexion and extension of the spine sprinkled with a little core.

A Healthy Back
• 30 min • Mike Nader

A comprehensive and strong practice to improve spinal health and core strength.

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