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Cancer Recovery

Incorporating a gentle, restorative yoga practice has been proven to reduce both physical and psychological distress that occurs from a battle with cancer.

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Our cancer recovery yoga series was created by cancer survivor Hilaire Lockwood and is based on her 15+ years of living with cancer, with a focus on healing and approaching disease as best we can from a tangible yoga practice.

Each class in this series focuses on a different stage in one’s cancer journey - from diagnosis to recovery, and rediscovery of self. The hope is always that we feel better physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually after every class. Depending on where you are in your cancer journey, this will re-energize but also give you permission to simply be as you are in your process.

These classes could be done every day if you choose and the series can take as long as your cancer journey takes.

Hilaire Lockwood




Classes in this Series

Part 1: Diagnosis
• 26 min • Hilaire Lockwood

In this class we'll discuss how to process diagnosis physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. A meditation on acceptance and creating...

Part 2: Treatment
• 58 min • Hilaire Lockwood

Treatment can be brutal. Often we are too exhausted or sick for asana. The discussion will continue as we move...

Part 3: Recovery & Remission
• 56 min • Hilaire Lockwood

This is the third talk as part of the Cancer Recovery series, where Hilaire discusses recovery and remission from a...

Part 4: Rediscovery of Self
• 19 min • Hilaire Lockwood

This vinyasa practice is about truly being in your new body. Understanding fully what that means. Honoring it and yet...

Asana 1: Recovery and Transmission
• 41 min • Hilaire Lockwood

Part of the Cancer Recovery Series: Asana Class 1 A welcoming the body back into a gentle asana practice. Meditation and...

Asana 2: Rediscovery of Self
• 51 min • Hilaire Lockwood

Cancer Recovery Asana Class 2. This class is part of the Part 4 Rediscovery of Self. This vinyasa practice is about...

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