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Invigorating and Restorative Flow
N/A • 61 min • Monica Shao

Move, stabilize, and sweat! Energize the whole body and wind down with soothing, restorative stretches from your neck to your...

For Mona #3
N/A • 97 min • Bryan Kest

Long, strong, flight, with a soft landing.

Forward Folding Power Flow
N/A • 60 min • Daniel Head

A class that focuses on hamstrings, with standing and seated postures that will open the back side of your body...

Morning Core Balance Workout Flow
N/A • 79 min • Andres Salcedo

This morning Workout Flow is designed to cultivate inner and outer core balance.

Open Heart Open Mind
N/A • 26 min • Byron de Marsé

Front body and shoulder opening to enhance the connection to your heart.

Animal Melody – Animal Style
N/A • 44 min • Terry Kvasnik

Here we bring together all of the animals in the series. Utilizing select animal style movements from the extensive library...

Snake – Animal Style
N/A • 55 min • Terry Kvasnik

This practice increases your spine's flexibility, your torque and your balance in an unusual style of motion. Focusing on spine...

Big Cat – Animal Style
N/A • 63 min • Terry Kvasnik

Here you’ll get some original ways to release your energy in feline fashion. This practice develops dynamic abilities in your...

Shivakali Vinyasa
N/A • 62 min • Serge Bandura

A practice linking breath, meditation, and movement. Joyful expressions of challenging poses, drawing the mind back to the heart, and...

Chimp – Animal Style
N/A • 40 min • Terry Kvasnik

I call this Monkey part 2. This one really gets into the hip flexors and works on opening up the...

Cat – Animal Style
N/A • 43 min • Terry Kvasnik

This is all about continuous core engagement through motion. This is a great way to develop core awareness and constant...

Gorilla – Animal Style
N/A • 44 min • Terry Kvasnik

A nice introduction to moving on all 4’s. Working on a lot of dynamic movement through the squat position. This...

I Wish For More Hips
N/A • 65 min • Bryan Kest

A little extra warmups and other poses to create heat and then deep into the hips.

Monkey – Animal Style
N/A • 45 min • Terry Kvasnik

This practice gets deep into loosening up the hips and hamstrings while calling for some core stability in some big...

Crane – Animal Style
N/A • 49 min • Terry Kvasnik

Cultivating a sense of balance and more importantly, balance in movement. Building ankle, knee, and hip stability to fortify the...

Lizard – Animal Style
N/A • 35 min • Terry Kvasnik

This works on the core like the cat but brings the hips and chest into the mix as well. A...

Down Dog & Hamstrings
N/A • 30 min • Daniel Head

A fun vinyasa flow style class that incorporates six tree positions.

Geriatric with a Little Spring Chicken
N/A • 71 min • Bryan Kest

Basic standing sequence with a floor stretching finish.

Morning Powerhouse Workout Flow
N/A • 80 min • Andres Salcedo

Curiously awaken imagination, being in wonderment. Honoring where you're at in the moment.

Fast-track Flow
N/A • 36 min • Byron de Marsé

A ladder class designed around building strength and stability.

30 Minute Spot Yoga
N/A • 31 min • Bryan Kest

No room no problem almost a whole routine on one spot.

Morning Spinal Flexibility Workout Flow
N/A • 81 min • Andres Salcedo

This morning spinal flow is designed to create flexibility and openness trough out the spinal cord.

Morning Hip Openers Workout Flow
N/A • 80 min • Andres Salcedo

This morning hip openers workout flow is designed with a focus on the activation of circulation and energy flow around...

Breath Flow
N/A • 68 min • Tracey Goldman

Warm-up slowly and mindfully, transitioning into a gradual steady flow with room for exploration of body and external awareness.

Backbending Power Flow
N/A • 71 min • Daniel Head

A class full of backbends, with deep quadricep and hip flexor work, that will open you up to your fullest...

Tai Chi – Lesson: 10 The Form in All Itʼs Glory!
N/A • 67 min • Terry Kvasnik

Now we have the form in its entirety we have the place to truly practice all of the principles of...

Tai Chi – Lesson: 9 Closing of the Form
N/A • 42 min • Terry Kvasnik

The final movement of the form! The last and maybe simplest move of the form that brings the form to...

Tai Chi Lesson: 8 Ward Off, Roll Back, Press Push (other side)
N/A • 45 min • Terry Kvasnik

Weʼre repeating the same sequence on the other side here, but now weʼre familiar with the movement we can give...

Tai Chi – Lesson: 7 Ward Off, Roll Back, Press Push (one side)
N/A • 42 min • Terry Kvasnik

This is the most intricate movement patterns of the form and brings into play all the principles and elements of...

Tai Chi – Lesson 6: Golden Rooster Stands on 1 Leg into Heel Kick
N/A • 45 min • Terry Kvasnik

Getting into our one leg balance here and experiencing how continuous core engagement is fundamental to proper practice of these...

Tai Chi – Lesson 5: Parting Clouds
N/A • 43 min • Terry Kvasnik

A beautifully elegant and powerful movement. Here we will be utilizing our practice of weight transfer and relaxed waist twisting....

Tai chi – Lesson 4: Part the Wild Horseʼs Mane
N/A • 37 min • Terry Kvasnik

"Working the same lower body movements as in the last movement of the form and changing the arms to move...

Tai chi – Lesson 3: Brush knee, twist step
N/A • 44 min • Terry Kvasnik

Hereʼs where we start stepping as we move with the 6 harmonies in play. Advancing into whole body co-ordination and...

Tai Chi – Lesson 2: Repulse the Monkey
N/A • 37 min • n/a

First movement of the form. Repulse the monkey movement brings the waist and core twisting into the picture for you...

Tai chi – Lesson 1: Opening
N/A • 36 min • Terry Kvasnik

Preparation and opening movement to the form. Although simple there is a lot going on here that extends throughout the...

Ba Duan Jin
N/A • 33 min • Terry Kvasnik

This is a rarer and more advanced version of the 8 Silken movements. Like the ‘originalʼ, this series promotes foundational,...

Dragon Style
N/A • 27 min • Terry Kvasnik

Awaken the Dragon within through a combination of 2 ancient practices - The Dragon tea cups and The swimming Dragon...

Wu Dang 5 Animal Style
N/A • 25 min • Terry Kvasnik

This relatively short series imitating the movements of 5 animals is one of the best for advanced coordination, flexibility, and...

Flying Phoenix
N/A • 73 min • Terry Kvasnik

Meditative and simple yet highly effective for working on continuous flow while strengthening, stretching, and developing increasingly intricate and complex...

Tree, Qi and Walking
N/A • 47 min • Terry Kvasnik

Through this practice you will see how standing still and walking can be the most demanding of workouts you could...