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N/A • 141 min • Bryan Kest

Deep deep stretches combined with deep deep breathing adds up to bliss.

Get Grounded
N/A • 73 min • Steve Jones

With breathwork and strong foundational postures. Build a better practice!

Sweet & Wet
N/A • 88 min • Bryan Kest

Very well rounded vinyasa flow. This class has it all.

Opening and Unwinding
N/A • 83 min • Serge Bandura

A vinyasa practice to open the heart and unwind the mind with thoughtful creative sequencing grounded in meditative awareness.

A Little Bit of What You Fancy
N/A • 61 min • Steve Jones

Mostly feel good postures to open your shoulders and hips with core work sprinkled throughout.

Open Heart
N/A • 80 min • Mike Nader

This is a complete and strong backbend practice that leads you into a sweet pranayama and meditation practice.

Mobility > Flexibility
N/A • 42 min • Byron de Marsé

Inspired by chiropractic care, these fascia release techniques blend with traditional postures will get you sweating.

Making the Rounds #2
N/A • 71 min • Bryan Kest

Strength and length an anaerobic flow.

N/A • 15 min • Dan Ward

This class in the Chair Yoga Series is shoulder-centric. The most mobile area of the body, the shoulder, is much...

12 Pushups
N/A • 99 min • Bryan Kest

Deep stretching Sequence

Grab Bag Sweat Fest
N/A • 43 min • Byron de Marsé

Well balanced challenging your core and flexibility with backbends and twists.

Move & Be Still
N/A • 31 min • Steve Jones

25 Minutes of Yang, 5 minutes of Yin.

Challenge Your Inner Calm
N/A • 39 min • Tracey Goldman

No pushups, no sun salutations, just standing sequences, still complete and strong.

For Mateo
N/A • 68 min • Bryan Kest

Basic yet Strong.

Lazy Midday Flow
N/A • 65 min • Bryan Kest

Something new, something old.

Stress Free Stretch
N/A • 10 min • Desiree Crossman

Floor work stretching - straddle, low lunge, spinal twisting.

The Balancing Project
N/A • 11 min • Desiree Crossman

Standing postures with flow (no floor).

How Flow Can You Go
N/A • 38 min • Byron de Marsé

A slow gentle moving class with plenty of time to warmup into squats and wide straddle poses to strengthen the...

Invigorating and Restorative Flow
N/A • 61 min • Monica Shao

Move, stabilize, and sweat! Energize the whole body and wind down with soothing, restorative stretches from your neck to your...

For Mona #3
N/A • 97 min • Bryan Kest

Long, strong, flight, with a soft landing.

Forward Folding Power Flow
N/A • 60 min • Daniel Head

A class that focuses on hamstrings, with standing and seated postures that will open the back side of your body...

Morning Core Balance Workout Flow
N/A • 79 min • Andres Salcedo

This morning Workout Flow is designed to cultivate inner and outer core balance.

Sweet Ease
N/A • 26 min • Bryan Kest

This short class focuses on facilitating suppleness. Suppleness means tension free and it’s achieved through gentle stretching.

Pure Muscular Activity
N/A • 32 min • Bryan Kest

This 30 minute class might just rock your world! The focus here is on preventing muscular atrophy everywhere. This was...

Open Heart Open Mind
N/A • 26 min • Byron de Marsé

Front body and shoulder opening to enhance the connection to your heart.

Animal Melody – Animal Style
N/A • 44 min • Terry Kvasnik

Here we bring together all of the animals in the series. Utilizing select animal style movements from the extensive library...

Snake – Animal Style
N/A • 55 min • Terry Kvasnik

This practice increases your spine's flexibility, your torque and your balance in an unusual style of motion. Focusing on spine...

Big Cat – Animal Style
N/A • 63 min • Terry Kvasnik

Here you’ll get some original ways to release your energy in feline fashion. This practice develops dynamic abilities in your...

Shivakali Vinyasa
N/A • 62 min • Serge Bandura

A practice linking breath, meditation, and movement. Joyful expressions of challenging poses, drawing the mind back to the heart, and...

Chimp – Animal Style
N/A • 40 min • Terry Kvasnik

I call this Monkey part 2. This one really gets into the hip flexors and works on opening up the...

Cat – Animal Style
N/A • 43 min • Terry Kvasnik

This is all about continuous core engagement through motion. This is a great way to develop core awareness and constant...

Gorilla – Animal Style
N/A • 44 min • Terry Kvasnik

A nice introduction to moving on all 4’s. Working on a lot of dynamic movement through the squat position. This...

I Wish For More Hips
N/A • 65 min • Bryan Kest

A little extra warmups and other poses to create heat and then deep into the hips.

Monkey – Animal Style
N/A • 45 min • Terry Kvasnik

This practice gets deep into loosening up the hips and hamstrings while calling for some core stability in some big...

Crane – Animal Style
N/A • 49 min • Terry Kvasnik

Cultivating a sense of balance and more importantly, balance in movement. Building ankle, knee, and hip stability to fortify the...

Lizard – Animal Style
N/A • 35 min • Terry Kvasnik

This works on the core like the cat but brings the hips and chest into the mix as well. A...

Down Dog & Hamstrings
N/A • 30 min • Daniel Head

A fun vinyasa flow style class that incorporates six tree positions.

Geriatric with a Little Spring Chicken
N/A • 71 min • Bryan Kest

Basic standing sequence with a floor stretching finish.

Morning Powerhouse Workout Flow
N/A • 80 min • Andres Salcedo

Curiously awaken imagination, being in wonderment. Honoring where you're at in the moment.

Fast-track Flow
N/A • 36 min • Byron de Marsé

A ladder class designed around building strength and stability.