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(LSD) Long, Slow, & Deep

(LSD) Long, Slow, & Deep is an amazing routine. It’s a paradox. It is by far the most difficult class I teach, yet you don’t really get off your butt the whole class. I want people to see how utterly potent this kind of practice can be even without focusing on strength endurance or even acquiring much heat. I also want people to experience the benefits of holding poses a little longer giving these massive areas (hamstrings, groin, hips, shoulders, etc.) more time to release deeper. The challenge here is mostly mental. You are probably going to want to run away from this one, especially in the beginning. Hang in there, be patient and keep breathing, deeply and fluidly. So dim the lights, warm the room up and enjoy (at least how it leaves you feeling). (This class was originally produced as an audio booklet recorded live in Santa Monica, CA in 2003)

Bryan Kest
111 mins




Amazing! I have never felt such a deep release. Thank you so much, Bryan!

August 15, 2020

Gina, on the (LSD) Long, Slow, & Deep class.

Amazing ?

July 27, 2020

claudscape, on the (LSD) Long, Slow, & Deep class.

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