Past Livestreams Classes

A little of everything and a lot of nothing
Dynamic • 70 min • Bryan Kest

Wed, 12/02/20 - A class emphasis on touching a lot yet emphasizing nothing (besides breath). A strong initial warmup followed...

Monday “crunge” day
Dynamic • 67 min • Bryan Kest

Mon, 11/30/20 - Light warmups lead to a challenging upper body strengthening sequence followed by lower and mid-body strengthening sequence...

The law of attraction
Dynamic • 100 min • Bryan Kest

Sun, 11/29/20 - This is a yin based class that moves us beyond yin into yang. I call this yin-between....

Light post holiday flow
Dynamic • 69 min • Bryan Kest

Fri, 11/27/20 - A very gentle yet thorough flow. Nothing too strong yet a constant and tangible flow. A little...

Loosey, goosey thanksgiving flow
Dynamic • 68 min • Bryan Kest

Thu, 11/26/20 - A very simple class focused on deep stretching. The aim of this class is to leaving you...

Moving sweetly through the moods of your body
Dynamic • 67 min • Bryan Kest

Wed, 11/25/20 - Best way to describe this class is "a leisurely flow with some strong moments". It's basically a...

Selby’s sensuous slip ups
Dynamic • 68 min • Bryan Kest

Tue, 11/24/20 - Traditional poweryoga warmups leads into two very strong lunges. Loads of sweet stretches like always. Some ending...

Strolling through the old neighborhood
Dynamic • 67 min • Bryan Kest

Mon, 11/23/20 - Salutation A & B and the infamous salutation C. A little of this and a little of...

Sweetly fatigued and massively blessed
Vigorous • 100 min • Bryan Kest

Sun, 11/22/20 - Everything but the kitchen sink, really! A yin style beginning and then a 5 minute dog dog...

Momma should not be worried about you
Dynamic • 67 min • Bryan Kest

Fri, 11/20/20 - A little touch of so much. warm-ups, push ups, leg balancing and lunges, core work, back bends,...

Young buck and doe
Dynamic • 67 min • Bryan Kest

Th, 11/19/20 - This class is a balance bonanza! Because of that there is loads of strengthening. Of course there...

Breath flows, modest stroll
Dynamic • 65 min • Bryan Kest

Wed, 11/18/20 - Starting with salutations and a modest standing sequence, a more modest lunge sequence and then the cryangle....

Doggies, Froggies and Camels, oh my!
Dynamic • 65 min • Bryan Kest

Tues, 11/17/20 - A down dog for the ages the infamous frog pose and a full circle Camel makes this...

3 flows 1 f-bomb
Dynamic • 68 min • Bryan Kest

Mon, 11/16/20 - A dynamic three separate warmup sequences with the last one being a complete yoga routine on its...

Momma is listening
Vigorous • 100 min • Bryan Kest

Sun, 11/15/20 - This class is as robust as it gets! A little yin a lot of yang, strength, balance,...

Melissa leads the way
Vigorous • 67 min • Bryan Kest

Fri, 11/13/20 - A strong flow through simple movements that are not easy. Upper body strength, leg balances (bruce lee...

Don’t be a tool
Vigorous • 67 min • Bryan Kest

Thu, 11/12/20 - Strength and balance are on full display. That might sound enticing but practice this class at your...

Open the door
Dynamic • 65 min • Bryan Kest

Wed, 11/11/20 - A flow for young bucks and does. This class is super approachable yet highly muscular. It's strong...

Sliding into some twists
Dynamic • 72 min • Bryan Kest

Tue, 11/10/20 - A little time in Child's pose, then right into salutations. From there we enter a short twisting...

Strong as can be
Vigorous • 65 min • Bryan Kest

Mon, 11/09/20 - Somehow we never really made it out of the first warm-up sequence but just started adding things....

Not just for the young
Vigorous • 105 min • Bryan Kest

Sun, 11/08/20 - Starting as gentle as can be build into the flow of the century.  Actually we have much more...

Sweet twisting
Dynamic • 65 min • Bryan Kest

Fri, 11/06/20 - Skipping our usual pre-warmups we get right into things with salutation A & B with a detour...

Can I Have Some Core
Dynamic • 68 min • Bryan Kest

Thu, 11/05/20 - This class has an easy feel to it. The standing one legged balancing sequence is dynamic and...

Basic, Dynamic Flow
Dynamic • 68 min • Bryan Kest

Wed, 11/04/20 - This really is a basic approachable dynamic flow. Included are all three warm-up sequences, including the dynamic...

Short, Strong and Not Too Long
Dynamic • 69 min • Bryan Kest

Tue, 11/03/20 - Basically this class was short, strong and not too long. The strength in this class came from...

Dynamic • 65 min • Bryan Kest

Mon, 11/02/20 - This class is classic Bryan yet unique as well. It is as balanced of a class as...

Welcome to it all
Dynamic • 100 min • Bryan Kest

Sun, 11/01/20 - With a most gentle yin and yang beginning. Moving through a dynamic flow of upper body strength,...

Thoroughly Cooked!
Vigorous • 60 min • Bryan Kest

Fri, 10/30/20 - We get right into things here. After a modest warmup sequence we get into upper body strength...

Let the Young Ones Have Some Fun
Vigorous • 70 min • Bryan Kest

Th, 10/29/20-A vigorous yet basic and approachable class. Warm ups lead into some upper body strength then to some leg...

Open Feet Like a Book
Dynamic • 60 min • Bryan Kest

Wed, 10/28/20 - A very nice leisurely class. If you're in the mood for a soft yet active flow, this...

Flying over Russia
Dynamic • 60 min • Bryan Kest

Tue, 10/27/20 - With our usual gentle beginning we flow into a moderate (for Bryan) standing balancing sequence. Then, into...

Sweet, Basic, Awkward and Simple
Dynamic • 75 min • Bryan Kest

Mon, 10/26/20 - This class takes the shape of a slowly inclining stroll. Starting with our traditional warm up sequences...

Yin, Yang and Lots In-between
Dynamic • 100 min • Bryan Kest

Sun, 10/25/20 - At one hour and forty minutes we certainly can take our time. We start very slowly, warming...

Softness Meets Firmness
Dynamic • 70 min • Bryan Kest

Fri, 10/23/20 - This class meanders through a leisurely initial flow then hits a challenge sequence then meanders furthers then...

Another Sensuous Flow
Dynamic • 69 min • Bryan Kest

Th, 10/22/20 - Stepping away from our traditional warmup series into a creative flow of approachable arm balances. From there...

A Strong Smooth Flow
Dynamic • 60 min • Bryan Kest

Wed, 10/21/20 - An extensive use of salutations with the edition of the rarely taught salutation C. Salutation C is...

Yin & Yang
Approachable • 93 min • Bryan Kest

Sun, 10/18/20 - Lots of yin but more yang.

Twist with Me
Dynamic • 71 min • Bryan Kest

Fri, 10/16/20 - Multiple twisting poses within a very complete class.

Approachable • 72 min • Bryan Kest

Thu, 10/15/20 - Mostly deep and sweet floor stretch with some brief moments of heat.

Slip Into This Groove
Dynamic • 74 min • Bryan Kest

Wed, 10/14/20 - One very unique standing flow.