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Inner Activist Dynamic Flow
N/A • 90 min • Bryan Kest

1/29/23 While using the dynamic nature of this class to strengthen benevolent qualities, this class leads you through a comprehensive...

Garner Health and Wellness
N/A • 62 min • Bryan Kest

1/26/23 Getting right into our salutations and then into a dynamic, strong, elongated standing sequence and then realizing our time...

This Will Warm You Up
N/A • 61 min • Bryan Kest

1/24/23 Using all three warmup sequences, it's a never ending warm up that becomes an entire full, rich, complete class.

You Will Get Stoned
N/A • 92 min • Bryan Kest

1/22/23 How could you not get stoned from an hour and a half of deep breathing, the release of endorphins...

Upper Body Strength
N/A • 61 min • Bryan Kest

1/19/23 This class is a very active and dynamic upper body strengthening sequence which also includes just enough stretching to...

Wham Bam Healing Jam #2
N/A • 61 min • Bryan Kest

1/17/23 Once we get going we get going swiftly, and it doesn't stop until an hour later. Enjoy balancing, strengthening...

Whoa Yeah
N/A • 90 min • Bryan Kest

1/15/23 This long and strong class starts slow and gentle but don’t let that fool you. If you want a...

Wam Bam Healing Jam
N/A • 60 min • Bryan Kest

1/12/23 Like a freight train slowly gaining momentum and moving vigorously forward through lunging, standing, balancing and finishing.

Twisting and Some Other Stuff
N/A • 92 min • Bryan Kest

1/8/23 This elongated gentle flow includes at least 8 different twists. Meditation included as well.

Short, Sweet, Little Vinyasa Flow
N/A • 61 min • Bryan Kest

1/5/23 A very active class using cobra, plank, down dog between poses for a little extra cardio, heat, and stamina...

Strengthen Your Calmness
N/A • 63 min • Bryan Kest

12-22-22 One of those "a little bit of everything" classes where we touch so many ranges of motions and body...

Going, Going, Gone!
N/A • 64 min • Bryan Kest

12/20/22 This class just sailed right by. A couple of warm ups, some lunging, shoulder stretches, leg and arm balances...

Same Thing Different Approach
N/A • 63 min • Bryan Kest

12/15/22 Using a unique warmup sequence to enter a mild yet dynamic flow as we cover all the bases and...

Deep Butt Burn
N/A • 62 min • Bryan Kest

12/6/22 If you can get through the deep burn in your butt cheeks you will find this class to be...

Low to Grow in a Flow
N/A • 63 min • Bryan Kest

12/8/22 From lengthening to twisting on the ground, in a lunge, in standing and finally in balancing. A twisting, strengthening...

No Expectations No Frustrations
N/A • 92 min • Bryan Kest

12/4/22 This elongated flow starts very slow and builds into an expansive and complete yoga practice emphasizing no particular body...

The Only Way
N/A • 60 min • Bryan Kest

12/1/22 The only way to care for something is to touch it gently so lets get to this gentle, sensuous...

Sweetly Sneaking Up
N/A • 90 min • Bryan Kest

11-20-22 This class begins extra mellow the grows into a modest flow. A great class is you are looking for...

Core Galore and Much More
N/A • 62 min • Bryan Kest

11/17/22 Activating core muscles in the most unique way and along the way caring for so many other places and...

Through it all I shall breathe
N/A • 60 min • Bryan Kest

11/15/22 Through the gentle challenges of touching yourself in so many different ways the real challenge is keeping your breath...

N/A • 61 min • Bryan Kest

11/10/22 Considering space translates to lightness, freedom and energy within a basic flow we use this class to lengthen (create...

Simple Truths
N/A • 61 min • Bryan Kest

11/11/22 A mellow active flow. This class will activate and invigorate without sacrificing its mellow ease. Floor stretches and Meditation...

The integrity of the web depends on the resiliency of each strand
N/A • 92 min • Bryan Kest

11/6/22 With a slow gentle deep stretch beginning we slide effortlessly into a powerfully complete flow leaving no stone unturned...

Crazy Flow
N/A • 60 min • Bryan Kest

This sequence uses basic poses and creates a dynamic sequence by performing each pose 5 times. The first 4 times...

Strong, Sweet, Complete
N/A • 64 min • Bryan Kest

11/1/22 This is a strong version of a basic Bryan class. Upper, middle and lower body are touched thoroughly. Cardio,...

Hear Me Don’t Fix Me
N/A • 95 min • Bryan Kest

10-30-22 This elongated and all encompassing flow starts off really slow then transition into a vigorous flow then winds down...

Only If You Decide
N/A • 62 min • Bryan Kest

10/27/22 A flow that starts slow and then picks up enough steam to feel complete. The emphasis here is balance.

Poetic Flow Through the Wormhole
N/A • 61 min • Bryan Kest

10-25-22 We get right to the heart of the matter in this sequence with some strength and deep stretches arriving...

Modest, Steady and Potent
N/A • 59 min • Bryan Kest

10/20/22 Basic modest warmups into a basic and modest flow. Steady and gentle from beginning to end.

Wrapasana with a twist please
N/A • 59 min • Bryan Kest

This class is a standing, balancing, twisting flow with an emphasis on meditation (the breath) all contained in a gentle...

Extended Mellow Flow
N/A • 89 min • Bryan Kest

Never really pushing too hard just flowing through life (and our bodies) for 90 mins breathing deep and free. Very...

Simple Dynamic Flow
N/A • 63 min • Bryan Kest

10-13-22 All three warm up sequences make this dynamic, add to that an upper body strengthening sequence that will be...

Filling your tank 3/4 full
N/A • 62 min • Bryan Kest

3-11-22 This is a basic sequence with a few surprises. A solid practice that uses all three warm up sequences...

Recovery flow +
N/A • 61 min • Bryan Kest

10/6/22 I nice flow for kick starting your Asana practice and a nice flow to compliment those tougher, stronger and...

Shoulder Work Ahead
N/A • 62 min • Bryan Kest

10/4/22 Plenty of shoulder work in the form of strength and stretch that compliments a well rounded and balanced sequence...

Smoothest Flow I Know
N/A • 60 min • Bryan Kest

9/29/22 A smooth steady flow through approachable yet dynamic movement emphasizing nothing yet activating most everything leaving you light and...

Sunday Roast
N/A • 94 min • Bryan Kest

9-25-22 This class is as full on as it gets with some well timed rests and plenty of opportunity to...

Low, Slow & Gentle
N/A • 66 min • Bryan Kest

9-22-22 Staying close to the ground we flow slow through deep stretches with a lot of patients we deeply stretch...

Humble Strength
N/A • 64 min • Bryan Kest

9-13-22 While engaging a unique warmup sequence and keeping the mind quiet we fully engaging the body as we move...

When Is Enough Enough?
N/A • 59 min • Bryan Kest

9-6-22 With a sweet addition to our warm up sequence and some upper body toning this class takes the spinal...