Yin Yoga

This yin yoga series focuses on classes that help release muscle tension, relieve stress, and encourages you to surrender to all life has to offer. Yin postures are all about lengthening the connective tissue and increasing elasticity around the joints in areas including the hips, spine, pelvis and chest, and are held at 3 and up to 10 minutes. These practices recommend having props like pillows, blankets and a bolster to help you comfortably and gently hold these longer poses while seated or laying down in a relaxed state. Enjoy these classes for to help relax your nervous system and even restore energy.

Multiple instructors





Classes in this Series

Yin and a Bit More!
Mellow • 49 min • Bryan Kest

Yin with a mild spike!

Yin with a Twist!
Mellow • 46 min • Dan Ward

Hip openers & forward folds with a twist!

Yin - Mother of All Stretches
Robust • 83 min • Travis Eliot

This series will expose some the of larger, tighter muscle groups in the lower body. Although it's tough the rewards...

Yin with 1/2 Lotus
Mellow • 79 min • Dan Ward

Leg stretches and hip openers culminating in 1/2 lotus and double pigeon.

Yin Yoga for Healthy Hips
Mellow • 85 min • Travis Eliot

Kick back, slow down, and move through a sweet series of yin poses that will leave your hips happy and...

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