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Yin Yoga

Unlike intense classes with various poses and tons of movement, the Yin Yoga series allows you to experience poses deeply and intentionally. Yin yoga postures are all about lengthening the connective tissue and increasing elasticity around the joints in areas including the hips, spine, pelvis, and chest. The difference between this and other classes? Each pose is held anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes.

Breathing deeply into each pose and allowing yourself to surrender, you’ll notice increased circulation, improved flexibility, and a sense of balance.

We recommend having props nearby, including:

  • Pillows

  • Blankets

  • A bolster

  • Utilizing these props will help you comfortably and gently hold these longer poses while seated or lying down in a relaxed state. From this series expect a deep relaxation like nothing else. This is a stress-busting style that’s the perfect antidote to today's busy and digital lifestyle. Feel free to do these daily or intersperse them with your normal yoga and fitness programs and classes. Don’t worry about overdoing these as long as you are not forceful within these poses.

Multiple instructors




Classes in this Series

Yin and a Bit More!
• 49 min • Bryan Kest

Yin with a mild spike!

Yin with a Twist!
• 46 min • Dan Ward

Hip openers & forward folds with a twist!

Yin - Mother of All Stretches
• 83 min • Travis Eliot

This series will expose some the of larger, tighter muscle groups in the lower body. Although it's tough the rewards...

Yin with 1/2 Lotus
• 79 min • Dan Ward

Leg stretches and hip openers culminating in 1/2 lotus and double pigeon.

Yin Yoga for Healthy Hips
• 85 min • Travis Eliot

Kick back, slow down, and move through a sweet series of yin poses that will leave your hips happy and...

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