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Short & Sweet

We know that squeezing in an hour or even a half-hour class sometimes isn’t possible with a busy schedule. But if you’re still trying to move your body in some way, this “Short & Sweet” session is perfect for you! Take 10 minutes of your day to strengthen and rejuvenate your body through these classes with our instructor Desiree.

These short online yoga classes are designed to help you get up and go and also gently warm up the system even when you have a limited time. Fun yet approachable, these classes are for everyone. Work through warrior postures, core engagements, spine stretches, and more. You only need 10 minutes or less to help you get into a daily rhythm of yoga!

What to Expect

Although these are short practices they should leave you feeling like you used your limited time wisely. These short practices are definitely enough for a daily wellness routine so feel free to use these daily. You can do these daily for as long as you’d like.

Desiree Crossman




Classes in this Series

We Are All Warriors
• 10 min • Desiree Crossman

A quick flow working with the warrior postures.

Stoke the Fire
• 9 min • Desiree Crossman

A less then 10 minute fire starter stoking with breath and building strength.

Tour Through Animal Kingdom
• 8 min • Desiree Crossman

An energizing tour through Animal Kingdom. Starting out in crocodile and move into slithering like a snake, adding some locust,...

Yoga in Bed
• 11 min • Desiree Crossman

Feeling a little slow in the morning and not ready to get out of bed yet? This is your best...

Movement in the Morning
• 10 min • Desiree Crossman

Upper body movement targeting the shoulder girdle and slowly waking up the legs with a few awesome chair poses.

Awaken the Spine
• 12 min • Desiree Crossman

Simple spine awakening movement, flexion and extension of the spine sprinkled with a little core.

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