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Old School Vinyasa Flow - A modest warmup sequence leads into a warrior based vinyasa flow

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Healthy Backs


These classes focus on maintaining and improving lower back health.

Yoga Nidra


This yoga nidra series will help bring you into a…

Get Up & Go! AM Morning Yoga Practice


Get yourself into a regular morning yoga routine with this…

Short & Sweet

Mellow • Desiree Crossman

Enjoy this short series of classes with Desiree designed to…

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Deep Meditative Flow

Active • 108 min • Bryan Kest

Sun, 10/17/21: A slow yin beginning leads into a modestly…

Keeping You Moving

Active • 68 min • Bryan Kest

Thu, 10/14/21: This class is a combination of being very…

A Festive Flow

Active • 67 min • Bryan Kest

Tue, 10/12/21: And eclectic flow of basic movements emphasizing strength…

16 Triangles

Active • 70 min • Bryan Kest

Thu, 10/07/21: Well it’s really 4 triangles with 4 reverse…

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Our philosophy

Power Yoga is about working hard, sensitively.

The tone and shapeliness you attain from this work is a by-product.

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