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Byron de Marsé


Born and raised on a ranch in Oklahoma, I was raised to believe that simplicity is a key component of happiness. After losing my father at age 17 and experiencing a traumatic spiral of events during my adolescent years, I was introduced to yoga through a friend. It immediately spoke to my physical nature. After only a few classes, I felt a strong and deep spiritual connection. I had found my therapy and church.

The Vinyasa class I teach is dynamic and physically rigorous. Although the nature of my classes is physically demanding, my greatest focus is the safety and well-being of my students.

The four major points I stress in class are:

  • Proper alignment
  • Mindfulness of physical limits
  • Deepness of breath
  • Calmness of mind

I have developed most of my classes to suit all levels of practitioners. I offer modifications for newcomers and include advanced instruction for the seasoned yogi.

Yoga has dramatically improved my physical wellness and has helped me develop strong mental and emotional stability. Anyone coming in to practice will experience an increased mental and physical awareness and well-being. Practitioners will also slow the process of aging by increasing their cardiovascular health, decreasing toxicity and stagnation in the body, and improving the functions of the five major systems of the body.

I hope to heal you soon.

Series with Byron

Yoga for the 50’s and Beyond
Mellow • 31 min • Mike Nader

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