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Meditation of Wisdom #2

•17 min •Bryan Kest

Meditation of Wisdom.

Hear Me Don’t Fix Me

•95 min •Bryan Kest

10-30-22 This elongated and all encompassing flow starts off really slow then transition into a vigorous flow then winds down gently leaving us lying on our back in a blissful state. Meditation included.

Tai Chi – Lesson 2: Repulse the Monkey

•37 min

First movement of the form. Repulse the monkey movement brings the waist and core twisting into the picture for you to feel the 6 harmonies experientially in Tai chi play. In the warm up we bring the co-ordination and connection between shoulders, elbows and wrists together and…

Honor What You’re Feeling

•74 min •Bryan Kest

Thu, 04/21/22: Cardio and stamina are the dominant qualities of fitness gently touched in this sequence. Yet with 25 push-up spread out throughout the class strength will be a factor. When end in some very deep and sweet stretches.