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Deep Meditative Flow

108 min •Bryan Kest

Sun, 10/17/21: A slow yin beginning leads into a modestly paced, intense and well rounded flow that focuses on meditation in motion. Sweet meditation at the end as well!…

The Whole Package

70 min •Bryan Kest

Mon, 2/22/21 – A longer warm-up routine leads into a leg and arm balance sequence and before you know it we are on the floor for some twisting, stretching and core work. Gratitude meditation included!…

My Rusty Door Hinge

70 min •Bryan Kest

Mon, 6/21/21: An eclectic and dynamic flow over doing nothing (unless you’re pushing too hard), yet touching so much.


31 min •Steve Jones

Work your way into Virabadrasana (Warrior 3).