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Falling For It Every Time

Active •69 min •Bryan Kest

Thu, 6/24/21: A little trickery and a lot of strength, length and activity. Be in the mood for a short, strong, and well-rounded active class with a sweet meditation to end!…

Prenatal: All About the Legs (and Squats!)

Active •32 min •Melissa Mercedes

This class will focus on cultivating lower body strength through the integration of squats and a strong standing series, all to support the birthing experience. My hope for you is to feel grounded, centered, and empowered as you move through these asanas. As well, the cultivation of physical space, especially…

Morning Asymmetric Workout Flow

Active •83 min •Andres Salcedo

This morning asymmetric workout flow is designed to create muscular extension and energy expansion throughout the body.

Sweet Spot

Active •98 min •Bryan Kest

7-17-22 If you can imagine almost (outside the warmups and cool down) an entire fitness experience that touches almost everything without leaving one spot leaving you the ability to have a full on workout even if you are locked in a closet.