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Astrid Kastenberg


Astrid Kastenberg is a mom, Corporate Executive, CLC-Certified Life Coach, and a 500-hour RYT Instructor. Astrid's interest in the spiritual aspects of meditation and asana began in high school in Detroit, Michigan, while researching ways to heal from dance injuries.

Inspiration to become a yoga teacher came from Bryan Kest, her teacher and mentor for the past 19 years. She started teaching in 2000 at Bryan’s Power Yoga studio in Calabasas. In 2002, she coined the term “Practice with a message”.

In 2013, she completed her 200-hour RYT with Tamal Dodge. Tamal’s life-long embodiment as a Yogi, scholarly knowledge of the esoteric and spiritual practices of yoga, expanded her understanding of the Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, and refreshed her interest in studying and exploring more about the intricate scientific aspects of yoga.

In November 2017, Astrid completed her Advanced 300-hour Teacher Training (Yoga, Psyche, Soul) with Master teacher Ashley Turner.

She finds this cutting-edge coursework to be powerful and illuminating. Ashley has artfully created a training that honors and weaves the yoga philosophy, spirituality, and the world of psychology together. The training is a rigorous, emotional, and empowering journey that helps teachers become strong containers in body, mind, spirit, and soul. Learning to hold the space for ourselves and others, in the yoga studio or in our own lives is truly amazing!

Astrid’s classes are an eclectic flow and typically include themed messages (“Practice with a Message”), music, meditation, and mantra.

"Come flow with me as I return “home” to SMPY&M!"

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