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Canceling Disappointment

An illuminating practice honoring sensations as they come up and respecting the messaging they are giving to detox mind, body, and spirit.

Astrid Kastenberg
91 mins




You know, I was in the mood for a 90-minute, fast-flow, almost-cardio class. But I searched for classes by time and not instructor, and Astrid's latest class came up first. I love her style, but didn't think I was in the mood for it tonight. But I had interacted with her earlier today on Instagram, and I thought it was a sign to go ahead and practice with her tonight. Good move! I loved this class. Yes, it was a large does of insights, building one upon the other, doled out slowly throughout the class. But -- it was still plenty physical. I burned >350 calories. And I had great reflections under her audio guidance. This class rocks! Thanks, Astrid.

May 5, 2021

ScottyP, on the Canceling Disappointment class.

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