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What Are the Benefits of Yoga Teacher Training?

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Yoga teacher training: What to expect, how to prepare, and benefits. So apropos, as I am currently in the midst of my five-day, 40-hour Power Yoga Teacher Training & Immersion.

How to prepare for yoga teacher training?

You may get as many answers to this question as times you ask the question. Each training will probably have its own prerequisites. I always answer this question by suggesting that whatever training you take, always take five to ten classes with the person or persons leading the training. This way, you can discern for yourself whether you resonate with the instructors leading the training, as there are infinite ways to express yoga and ways to practice it, and not every form of expression is for every person. So take responsibility and do your homework and investigate before you commit your time, energy and hard-earned money to particular training. I myself find my own style of leading classes and training certainly not for everyone, and I always suggest attending some of my classes in person or online before you commit to my training. This saves you and me less stress and problems if you were to have an allergic reaction to me, which is not uncommon. So this is first and foremost and of course most important!

Yoga teacher training -- what to expect?  

Well, as I said, each can be very different, but since most studios have succumbed to Yoga Alliance standards, you can expect philosophy, anatomy, asana (posture) deconstruction, and maybe sequencing. Some may venture into preparing you for the business side of being a yoga instructor, and others may branch off into diet and other forms of health and well-being. Some may specialize in working with particular conditions or working with particular physical, mental, and emotional issues. Truly, the array of possibilities is immense, so again, do your homework. Don’t plan on actually teaching, though. Giving each student an opportunity to teach is very time-consuming, so it is not something to assume will happen, although it is a possibility. Again, do your homework. As I had previously mentioned Yoga Alliance, their standards are commonly accepted (not by me), so look into their standards, and if that appeals to you, then look into their approved courses if you are interested. The benefits of a yoga teacher training course can also be immense, whether it is gaining or deepening your knowledge in any of the above-mentioned aspects of yoga. More importantly, deepening and enriching your own practice. This is where I have found the greatest benefit to leading classes, as the more experience I have, the more I have to share.

How long does it take to become a yoga teacher?

Whatever experience you have you can share, so it does not take long at all. After that, your skills as a yoga instructor will constantly evolve, as your knowledge and experience evolve. As you practice yoga day in and day out, and as you immerse yourself in different yoga experiences, you will have more and more to offer, and this process never ends.

In my trainings here at Poweryoga.com, the emphasis is on understanding yoga and how it works. The reason is that the deeper your understanding, the more confident you are in sharing and sharing in any way you feel is most optimal.

I hope this blog is of some help. We offer training and immersions throughout the world as well as online. Check us out here. And check out our feature in YogiTimes about online teacher training!