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Online Teacher Training

With over 41 years of yoga experience and 32 years as a teacher, Bryan Kest knows what it feels like to be in your shoes. As the inventor of Power Yoga and the creator of, Bryan has incorporated his methodology and experience into a practice that is anything but generic. While yoga is frequently instructed by teachers of varying backgrounds, methods, and experiences, the practice you teach is part of YOUR journey.

  • Week 1: Orientation, Getting Started,
  • Week 2: Objective of Yoga Practice
  • Week 3: Breath, Cultivating Joy, Meditation in Motion, Art of Yoga
  • Week 4: Sequencing, Alignment
  • Week 5: Finishing Poses & Cool Downs, Savasana, Working with Injuries, Adjustments
  • Week 6: The Art of Teaching Yoga, Personalized Routine
  • Week 7: Review your work and go deeper
  • Week 8: Accessibility, Things to Know as an Instructor, The Yoga of Business

Our online teacher training course is intended for fellow yogis who hope to step outside their comfort zone and expand upon their practice mentally and physically. See how Power Yoga’s Online Teacher training might be right for you!

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