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The Absurdity of Measuring Gains

The Absurdity Series ● Bryan Kest

One of the more harmful tendencies in fitness is measuring gains. Measuring progress is incredibly detrimental to your health as you have nothing rational to measure against as this moment is unique, and your experience is being influenced by so many tangible and intangible things. To try to do as much as you did the […]

Self-Discipline and Damage

Yoga & Health ● Bryan Kest

Like everything else in life it’s important to find the balance. Self-discipline is a very important ingredient towards accomplishment. You could describe self-discipline as pushing oneself towards where one wants to be. The word discipline connotes difficulty or challenge as other- wise discipline wouldn’t be necessary as the “discipline” is abstaining from indulgences and desires […]

Yoga Buffet

Yoga & Health ● Bryan Kest

Next time you go to a yoga class look at it as a buffet. The instructor like the chef offers you a load of possibilities and within those possibilities you pick what you’d like to do, how much you’d like to do and what modifications you want. Just like a buffet where you pick which […]

Letting Go

Yoga & Health ● Bryan Kest

“All knowledge comes from experience everything else is just information” – Albert Einstein. In a way the universe is kind as initially, probably between the age of 35 and 40, you get your first wrinkle or grey hair. At the sight of this wrinkle many people will run to the store to buy Oil of […]

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Yoga & Health ● Bryan Kest

Simply put yoga is about health and wellness. Gratitude is a benevolent, healthy mind state. Benevolent mind states are the root of health and wellness, not only within the body but throughout the world. It’s impossible to have gratitude more than you may already have it if you’re not willing to work on it. You […]

Power Yoga Weight Loss & Wellness Program Background

Yoga & Health ● Bryan Kest

I have wanted to delve into this branch of wellness for a long time. I’ve always felt that yoga, its philosophy and practice has so much to offer this cultural obsession, mega-industry and health aid called weight loss. Addressing weight loss from a yoga perspective or through a yoga practice we will also see many […]

How Yoga Can Help You Lose Weight

Yoga & Health ● Bryan Kest

Yoga’s physical form of poses or asana sequenced properly can be as vigorous, rigorous, and as cardio as you like. We all know calorie burning can be a helpful tool in weight loss. Well, contrary to some beliefs, you’ll be able to burn as many as you’d like! To many, yoga doesn’t seem like the […]

A Real Health Manifesto

Yoga & Health ● Bryan Kest

Developing the Backdrop of Our Life Health “Vitality”. Vitality represents strength, vibrancy, alertness, and energy. Vitality means “Life force”! Vitality doesn’t look a certain way as one would not expect a vital 25-year-old to look or be like a vital 85-year-old. In other words, Vitality doesn’t mean you stay young or maintain a youthful prowess. […]

Manopause: Coping with Low Testosterone

Yoga & Health ● Bryan Kest

Strangely I had never heard of the term “manopause” until recently. Menopause is a very well-known stage of a woman’s life that has been widely documented, addressed, and discussed. Most of us probably know or have known, at least one lady (probably many more) who has voiced their displeasure in going through this experience. And […]

What is a Yogi?

Yoga & Health ● Bryan Kest

If you practice yoga or not, you’ve probably heard the term “yogi” before. So what is a yogi?  There are yogis of all shapes, sizes, personalities, styles, paths, and practices. That is because a yoga practice is not defined by someone’s outer appearance; it’s defined by one’s intention. Yogis are those who consciously strive toward […]