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How to Teach Yoga

How to teach yoga

I like to describe teaching yoga like this: Let’s say your grandma has a great recipe for chicken soup. You love this chicken soup, it’s amazing!!! Your grandma gave you her recipe, and now you cook chicken soup all the time. One day your friend comes to your house to visit. He says, “what smells so good“? You say, “I’m cooking chicken soup.” Your friend says: “I love chicken soup, and that smells so good, can I have some? So you give your friend some chicken soup and he loves it. Then he asks, “can I have the recipe?” You say: “Sure!”

This is all teaching yoga is -- you sharing something that makes you feel good with others. I guess if people are will to pay for it, then you can teach (or share) yoga for a career.

Teacher trainings are concentrated periods of learning.

This is where you learn how to teach yoga, or where you learn to teach yoga by practicing teaching and learning more to teach. Teacher trainings are simply the accumulation of more information, which most likely gives you more to share. Yet teacher trainings don’t give you the right to share. You already have the right and are free to share anytime you’d like. Also, your learning does not stop with the end of your teacher training. Your craft is constantly refined with each and every class you teach and each and every experience that deepens you. I cannot say what an “advanced yoga teacher training“ is, other than one training that builds upon another that’s called a “beginners yoga teacher training.“  Truly, our knowledge and teaching or sharing abilities will forever be refined, as our teacher (our life experiences) continues to inform us.

This is some of the info we actually try to impart in our concentrated five-day, 40-hour Power Yoga teacher training. You could call it “practical information.“ Some make this topic so complicated. I don’t see it that way.

I see the beauty in yoga is yoga’s simplicity. Just like the Ten Commandments are so simple yet so special, powerful and deep, same with yoga! We also focus on deepening our understanding, which not only gives you more to share, but also the confidence to share it.

I sincerely hopes this blog was helpful.

aloha  bryan

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