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How to Benefit from At Home Yoga Videos

There seems to be some resistance to practicing yoga videos online, and I’d like to share some of the amazing yoga benefits classes.

As we all know for so many different reasons it’s not always easy to get to the yoga studio. Whether it be kids, work, traffic or the myraid of other commitments and time constraints, not even to mention the classes you can get to, might not be optimal for you.

What if you could pick the time you practice your yoga, and pick your style (whether yin, restorative, poweryoga, meditation), and your instructor, as well as the length of class (from 20 mins to 120 mins), and have all those things waiting for you for whenever you want to practice. Another great aspect when you stream online yoga classes is how you can personalize your yoga practice. Not only can you choose the time, length, type/style, instructor etc. but you can also pause the class so you can take a break without missing anything or you could pause to simply spend more time in the pose. For me, there has never been anything more personal than my yoga practice, and practicing online gives me way more of a chance to personalize my yoga than any in-studio class could. You know, when it comes to developing a daily yoga practice by using our at home power yoga videos you are in the driver seat. Ever since the internet started I have been wanting to use it for this purpose, which is why is a front runner in this medium, as we have been offering online yoga classes as long or longer then anyone.

Amazing benefits of online yoga classes

This is all that much more important when you understand the key to a yogic evolution is consistency, and online yoga classes truly facilitates this.

Also, all of us who practice yoga know what a huge difference our yoga practice makes in our life. Mentally and physically the benefits are enormous. I’m not talking simply about the health benefits, I am talking about the freedom, energy and ease of movement you feel all day after practicing yoga online and mentally the feelings of calmness, quietness and fullness that make us content and centered. These feelings not only affect us but they affect everyone we come in contact with.

I have always wanted to help people, and sharing yoga gives me that opportunity. Throughout my 40 years of yoga practice my online power yoga videos have been the greatest vehicle for this. Lastly, yoga studio’s are sooo expensive (except for mine and the rare few others who dare to offer studio yoga classes on a donation basis). They tend to alienate the poor, frugal and even middle class but my online classes are not expensive. If you purchased a year membership and practiced the online classes just 3 times per week the cost would be cents per class.

Try our free best online yoga videos or beginners’ online yoga classes if you are new to yoga and see. Our instructors are real-world wise with loads of experience, dedicated to making their top online yoga classes accessible to you! This is Poweryoga, an accessible, benevolent endeavor.

Aloha, Bryan

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