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Unconventional Yoga Benefits for National Yoga Month

Unconventional Yoga Benefits

We have shared with you the health benefits of yoga and the mental health benefits of yoga. For September’s National Yoga Month, we want to share with you some unconventional yoga benefits. These are benefits that come from yoga which might not first come to mind with your practice. 

In our blogs, we have written a lot about making your yoga practice your own. What works for someone else might not work for you - and vice versa. What matters most is that you are creating a space where you can stay grounded and let go of outside distractions. 

Unconventional Yoga Benefits


Your yoga practice can help you stay disciplined - especially if you have created a habit of setting dedicated hours of the week toward yoga. Not only that, you also have to train and discipline your mind to be present during yoga. It can take time to get to this point, and your yoga instructor will help you get there. 

Good Posture

Another unconventional yoga benefit is good posture. Yoga incorporates several lengthening techniques that do not come from traditional forms of exercise. These techniques allow muscle tension to decrease. Once you have come into a routine of yoga, you will notice good posture along with flexibility.


Yoga creates structure in our lives. Oftentimes our days can be chaotic and get away from us. Work emails, phone calls, and texts distract us and take our attention. Unanticipated problems come up throughout the day. Yoga is structured for a set time and focuses on a sequence of movement. This sequence is followed by an instructor, or can be created by the individual ahead of time. 


The practice of a good yoga routine will help you be mindful. This is staying mindful of your present state and your current space. You must stay mindful of the yoga exercises you are following and that you are using good form. 

Mental Clarity

Along with mindfulness, unconventional yoga benefits also include mental clarity. The busyness of life keeps our minds racing constantly with to-do lists. Our minds can also be bogged down with decisions we need to make. Yoga can allow your mind to slow down so you can find mental clarity. Oftentimes if we slow our minds down, we can come to our heart’s center, pointing us to the direction of clarity. 

Thank you for reading! If you are interested in following a practice that produces these unconventional yoga benefits, take a look at Power Yoga’s videos. Happy National Yoga Month!