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To Be Or Not To Be A Yoga Teacher

A class of yoga students sitting on mats

Do you want to share your yoga practice and the myriad of benefits with others?  If so, then you would want the best yoga teacher training right? Now, “the best” may mean different things to different people so let’s clarify. First, what type of yoga are you interested in sharing? 

There are so many varieties and styles of yoga that have been created to fit the variety of health, fitness, and wellness needs of a very large and diverse population. So, a children’s yoga teacher course would be for someone who wants to share yoga with kids. Working with kids is a very special talent that I certainly don’t have and I don’t believe that these types of courses will give you the gift of working with kids. But, having said this, if you do have this gift, then these courses will help you develop the nuances of sharing your gift through yoga.

Even within this category of kids, there may be sub-categories like kids’ special needs courses as there are many different types of children ranging from different ages to health issues, etc…Maybe it’s right after the kid pops out as in a postnatal course, or even before the kid pops out as in a prenatal yoga teacher training, which is happening all over the place.

Once you decide who you want to share yoga with, then you have to decide timing. In other words, when are you available to participate in a course? Because if you cannot be available when the course is happening, what’s the point? So, then you may have to consider an online yoga teacher course. That’s okay because there are plenty of online courses and many of them like mine at Poweryoga are created to fit a busy person’s schedule.

“Can I find a yoga teacher training near me?” Good question. If not, and you don’t want to travel again, online courses might be the way to go. Online sometimes gets a bad rap and it shouldn’t. Overall, they are equal to any other type of course. Sure, in-person courses have their advantages, but so do the courses that come to you via the internet. The most potent course I ever took was actually via video.

If you can travel, maybe you would like to get away and combine your time learning with a retreat. This is always a nice way to learn as you remove yourself from all of life’s distractions. In this case, then, you would search for yoga teacher training courses. But of course, you would need to find a retreat within your time constraints and I also need to mention budget. By the way, online courses are usually a little less expensive.

Some of these courses will call themselves an intensive yoga teacher training course. I’m not sure what they mean by saying “intensive.” You will need to ask them what they mean. I’m thinking that all of these condensed courses are intensives. Speaking of asking them, make sure you ask them anything you need clarification on before you pay. Make sure you know what you are getting yourself into.

I cannot mention all of the different types of yoga practices here in this blog, like a restorative yoga teacher course, or yin, flow, Iyengar or Ashtanga--the list goes on and on. All will have some sort of learning courses for you to partake in, you just need to decide who you want to share with or better yet, where does your passion lie? Follow your joy as they say, which I certainly would agree.

By the way, where would you like to share all of this? In your home? At a gym or yoga studio? Or, do you want to teach yoga online? Maybe the answer to that question will influence the course you decide upon. If you wanted to share this online, then maybe that influences your decision because seeing how they present the course could give you some ideas on how you would like to present things.

In a training course, they will teach you how to teach yoga, correct? Can you imagine them not teaching you that? Make sure you know what their course will emphasize. Yoga teacher trainings don’t always focus or emphasize actual teaching. There are many facets of sharing this modality, so make sure your area of interest is being covered. These are again questions you want clarified according to what you would like to get out of the course.

I hope this was helpful!