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The Absurdity of The Woke-ism

As I witness the utter ugliness of the Woke liberal policies, policies that are allowing young children to make life-altering, health and medical decisions, and criminals are allowed to do as they please with no consequences. As I watch obesity being accepted as good and normal. As I watch history canceled, free speech canceled, and censorship because of its perceived inappropriateness. It's very difficult to understand how our society is allowing this to happen.


The United States is literally the best and worst of everything. The reason is that every ethnicity and religion has unique strengths and weaknesses and the United States is the world's largest melting pot of peoples. I actually heard that there are 80 different languages spoken in the Los Angeles basin and Queens, New York is the most diverse neighborhood on earth. So, the United States has all strengths and all weaknesses within its people. America has always led the way in democracy, equal rights, women’s rights, gay rights, religious freedom, charity, innovation, and opportunity to name a few. Yet we also lead the developed world in wars, environmental destruction, corporate greed, crime, murder, and hypocrisy to name a few. See the best and the worst!

Woke-ism is a combination of the best and worst. It’s good ideas! Gone too far!

Body image: Yes it’s true fat shaming as well as any type of shaming is psychologically harmful to both the person doing the shaming and the person being shamed. Judging and criticizing someone without understanding the physical and psychological reasons for that person being the way they are is nonsensical. Yet at the same time, reinforcing a delusional idea that there is anything healthy about being overweight, especially obese, is also nonsensical. Obesity is one of the largest factors in Covid deaths. Obesity is a major precursor for diabetes, heart disease, and at least a whole other paragraph of physical diseases and issues. We should not feel bad about who we are and how we look or be criticized and judged yet we need to understand the harmful consequences of being overweight and acting in an unhealthy manner, as in the quantity and quality of the food we eat.

Censorship may have a place in preventing terrorists showing videos of captives getting their heads cut off and maybe even in direct threats of violence but it certainly doesn't have a place in people expressing their political views, medical views, personal views, etc… The ability to freely express oneself is one of the things that makes the United States great! Just because you or one group doesn't like what someone or another group is saying doesn't give you the right to cancel the other. This would negate the free flow of ideas, concepts, and new thinking as well as traditional ideas and concepts that may be beneficial. This would be harmful to humanity! Just because you don't like something doesn't mean that someone else doesn't like it and it doesn't negate their rights to it, just as someone else not liking something doesn't mean that you don't like it and it doesn't negate your rights to it.

Crime: Having compassion for criminals is almost a prerequisite for real rehabilitation, something that you will not find in our prison systems. Understanding the psychology of a criminal mind may help in healing and should be pursued. Poverty and mental disease are certainly factors that should be addressed and dealt with. Yet allowing criminals to wantonly vandalize and steal from innocent hard-working people is craziness and accomplishes nothing other than harming innocent people and incentivizing more criminals to commit crime. We have to put criminals in jail or something (rehabilitation) not because they don't have a valid reason for being criminals (poverty or mental disease) but because we need to set the precedent that crime is not acceptable within the rule of law and be able to protect our community from crime.

Gender: Being loving and accepting of all people is the foundation stone of Christianity as well as Yoga. Respecting and accepting someone's sexual identity should not be any different than accepting and respecting any other of their character traits and choices. All of us are unique and all of us want to be loved, respected, and accepted by our community. If you're a feminine man or a masculine woman so be it! There should be no problem with that, same as if you're gay or straight, bisexual or trans. If you want to change your sex and you're an adult and have studied all that that entails, the pluses and minuses of drugs and surgery, then you have a right to change your sex. Yet this isn't a decision for children. Do you let your child get a tattoo just because they want it? Do you let your three-year-old walk a mile to the store all by themselves just because they want to? Would you let your six-year-old carry a loaded gun to school if they want? That actually happened and did not turn out too good. Parents as adults should understand that children don't know what's good for them. If they did, they wouldn't need parents. Love the children unconditionally, support them and their sexuality, and when they are adults they can then do as they please. Believe it or not many will be thankful you didn’t allow them to take puberty blockers or more extreme measures.

Diversity and inclusion: This should be a cultural priority no doubt. Bigotry is a serious issue for any culture, but especially a multi-ethnic culture like ours. Most likely each one of us knows someone and loves someone who would be hurt by racism, sexism, ageism, or any other type of bigotry. Yet hiring or promoting and such due to color or sex, etc. as opposed to merit, is simply another type of bigotry and is a perverse interpretation of diversity. We want the best people for the job, not the best color, size, sex, or age unless in the rare instance size, color, sex, or age makes them the best person. For example, if I was hiring a bouncer for my strip club, I would be biased towards someone who is very large and muscular and that is understandable, which is why no one complains that usually only large, intimidating-looking men are bouncers. You wouldn't do a documentary on the Wright brothers (the brothers who invented the airplane) and make one of them a woman because you want to support women's rights, would you? That's wrong and dishonest. Let's remember that men and women are equal but they are not the same! Pretending they are the same is not only delusional it's actually harmful. I read one study that says 80% of the women in the workforce right now would rather be at home with their families. My guess is that 80% of young men want to go out and conquer the world so to speak. Again, being equal does not mean being the same. Maybe it wasn't sexism where women stayed home with the kids and family maybe it's something else like biology which includes psychology. Women have certain biological strengths that men cannot compete with and men have certain biological strengths that women cannot compete with. That's why it's unfair to let trans women compete against biological women. Let them have their own trans events and their own trans restrooms etc…. It's a simple and fair solution that makes sense.

As our culture and humanity at large evolve, there will always be one group pushing the boundaries forward (the liberals) and within this group, there will be extremes of which they will be irrationally aggressive in the forward direction. So much so, that it's no longer forward because it's irrational (the far left). On the other side, there will be another group holding on tight to the way things were (the conservatives) and within this group, there will be extremes of which they will be irrationally holding on tight to outdated concepts and ideas (the far right). These groups are important to keep the center in check. So the left is important as it's constantly pushing forward (innovation) and the right is important because it applies the restraints necessary so the far left doesn’t push too far (stability). What we get, is called balance. The biggest issue most likely, is the far right and the far left have the loudest voices (because they are the angriest) which are projected like a megaphone across society through the internet and social media. This creates the illusion that they are in the majority, which they're not. Yet because of the illusion that they are the majority, the actual majority, the center, right and left, become fearful of speaking out. When they do speak out, they get canceled by the extremes (which the center allows) because they are afraid of speaking out for fear of being canceled as well. What we need to do is face our fears and speak out! Yet facing our fears is the hardest path (the path of true Christianity and Yoga). I guess an alternative for now is to show and teach that these loud voices are actually the minority so people can view social media and anything on the Internet with a different perspective and in a different light so as to no longer feel bullied.