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Neanderthals We Are!

Neanderthals we are!

Back in the Neanderthals period, we never had enough. We did not have enough food, shelter, warmth, safety, or clothing. Tribalism and fear were necessary for survival.

Today most of us have enough of all these things, so why are fear and tribalism still our most dominant qualities like Neanderthals?

Has our intellectual prowess fooled us into thinking we have evolved?

If we have evolved, why are people not happier, healthier and safer?

If we have evolved, why is there as much war, crime, poverty, hunger, and disease as ever? If we have evolved from Neanderthals, why is there as much tribalism in the forms of racism and nationalism? If our morality, ethics, integrity, and wisdom do not develop in equal or greater proportion as our intellect, then the intellect will be dominated by fear, as this quality was never replaced.

In all of the recorded history war, crime, disease, hunger, and poverty have not receded, because the societal emphasis has been focused on protecting oneself from one's own fears. Every great being to walk on this planet, from Jesus to Buddha to Mother Teresa, Gandhi and Martin Luther King, never said “protect yourself from malevolence,“ yet they all said, “cultivate benevolence.“ Jesus said “do not judge,“ Mother Teresa demonstrated “compassion,“ Gandhi “non-violence," Buddha “moderation“ and Martin Luther King “equality.“

When you visit India you will discover 99.9% of all of yoga practices are not physical they are devotional and meditation practices. Maybe this is because the yogi's understand what modern medicine is now saying and what the great ones have always said: "all real health and wellness comes from developing the benevolent qualities of our mind". Cultivating benevolence means dealing with mental habit patterns deeply entrenched.  This is called “yoga practice”. This is very difficult work yet made easier when supported by our community. This is called “yoga class“. Now modern medicine is telling 90% of disease is coming from stress and benevolent qualities eradicate stress.  If you are exercising for wellness as opposed to vanity (fear) the emphasis should not be on your body as much as it should be on your mind state!