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New Year, New You: How to Incorporate Power Yoga Training into Your OWN Practice DAILY

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It’s that time again! Here come the commitments, resolutions, and another opportunity to start something special for yourself. Yes, you could do this any time of year, but many know that New Year’s Day is an excellent time to start. With millions of others doing the same thing, the momentum of group energy is on your side. 

Is your resolution to get into shape and/or become as healthy as can be? What I have discovered is having a well-thought-out plan is most helpful. This means knowing what you will do and putting any necessary pieces into place to support your goal. This is where can hopefully help you. exists to support people seeking to begin and maintain a fitness/wellness practice and lifestyle. Power Yoga training could be the perfect first step, or addition, to your healthy new year resolutions. 

I’m not sure what’s been happening in your life before now. I don’t know what you have become accustomed to and how far you have drifted away from a daily wellness routine. So, I like to slip in slowly. This will make the entrance into an updated lifestyle less shocking and abrasive to your body and mind. Even if you have not drifted too far away from optimal health, a gentle, gradual implementation of new practices into your daily routine will certainly make things more receptive to mind and body.

My “30 Days to a New You” program is specifically designed for you to transition in a “gentle” way from wherever you are right now to a stronger and healthier you. Power yoga training focuses on the slow and steady strengthening of your body. Strengthening doesn’t just mean strong; it means all five pillars of fitness: strength, flexibility, stamina, balance, and cardio are activated. It’s a complete type of strength that still wouldn’t be complete unless we also addressed the mind state. The yogis of old have always known that most natural and optimal health comes from a calm and peaceful mind. Modern medicine is now telling us stress is the largest impediment to health. Knowing this, if one is truly interested in being healthy, then one must address their mind as well as their body. This program addresses this in spades!

For a more comprehensive experience, I created my “Weight Loss and Wellness Program.” This program uses the same fitness classes to help people build themselves stronger in a gentle way by building gradually to minimize shock and abrasion and make the whole experience more easily digestible. This program implements a broader approach than the “30 Days to a New You” program. For my “Weight Loss and Wellness Program” I include seated and walking meditations and take a good hard look at diet. We were taking a good hard look at what we put into our bodies and learning about and experimenting with different dietary concepts. 

The obesity rate in our country is off the charts, and 70% of people are overweight, yet the goal of this program is not to lose weight. The goal is to live in a healthy and balanced way. If you happen to be overweight, then you will lose weight. Weight loss will be a by-product of being healthy and achieving balance. My Weight Loss and Wellness Program will introduce you to new concepts and modalities which will minimally offer a broader perspective on a healthy lifestyle, and if your experience is like many others, it will put you on the path of health and well-being. See if Power Yoga training is the decision for you going into 2022 - you’re always welcome. 

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Sincerely, Bryan Kest