Finding Sanity Through Yoga and Meditation in 2021 | Power Yoga

Finding Sanity Through Yoga and Meditation in 2021

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I have been leading challenges for so many years now that they have become a bi-annual ritual, expected of us by our members, fans and followers. Our yearly “Holiday Sanity Challenge” is my biggest event of the year with thousands of participants. A home yoga practice is so easy and has so many benefits that regardless of Covid-19 these challenges have been able to continue, prompting motivation to get back into yoga, wherever you are. Yet because of Covid-19 these challenges have been so important and valuable.

These challenges encourage a daily yoga practice and I have never seen a greater tool toward enhancing one’s day than a well-rounded yoga flow. The idea of participating in a challenge, being led by an experienced practitioner and being supported by a community can be incredibly helpful in supporting or igniting a regular home yoga practice. Of course, the community aspect of these challenges is always incredibly supportive and may be needed more right now during this pandemic, where we are otherwise isolated from many in our community and loved ones.

These challenges give me a tool to continue doing what I love to do in another way. I love to share my yoga practice with others and support others' yoga practice. I love to support and reinforce the simple truths that awareness reveals. Yet sometimes (not always) a consistent and normal format for sharing yoga can become uninspiring sometimes changing things up can awaken some dormant energies. These challenges give us a different format, an opportunity to change things up. Whether it is the consistency of a regular yoga practice or the challenge community or maybe it is the classes and instructors you never tried before? Whatever it is it's refreshing! That’s exactly what was needed to awaken those dormant energies!

Although rare, occasionally someone within our challenge community would give thanks vocally for the community cultivated, here within the challenge group, and given the times everyone could understand the appreciation being expressed. Whether it is conscious or not, social engagement is always very therapeutic - especially now!

I found myself looking forward to viewing our private Facebook challenge page. I guess my experience in reading people’s comments and posts were so positive I actually looked forward to the emotional boost I would get from reading their interactions. All the challenges are similar in objective and in the benevolent quality of the participants, yet this challenge seemed to have a unison, positivity and engagement like no other and I attribute that to the pandemic and the changes in our lives it has created.

I’m not stopping, are you? There are more challenges coming! Stay tuned for our next challenge. In the meantime enjoy our 1000 classes, daily livestreams, online teacher training, blogs, tutorials and anything else we can support your yoga with at Not a member? Join for free and taste what yoga can do for your mind and body.