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Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga LIVE Streaming Updates

I sincerely hope you have been able to appreciate this rare type of quietness and downtime. Those of you who have not found any peace during these challenging times please check out my FREE Meditation for Anxiety.

1) We have added a 4:00-5:00pm PST live streaming class Monday-Friday and Sunday, and have brought back some SMPY favs like Byron, Tracey, Dan and Mike and it's going great. Thank you to those instructors and thank you students for participating. Just visit our Crowdcast homepage to sign up. members will continue to get all classes at $3—that’s a 50% discount! All else pay $6 (still a great deal!)

2) Bryan's classic Sunday morning "church" class at 9:00am PST (18:00 for Europeans) is happening every Sunday! Join us Sunday, May 17th.

3) Please visit the Power Yoga Crowdcast homepage to access all classes and pick the classes you'd like to take. Happy Crowdcasting :-)!