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The Great Balancing Act

Mental Health ● Bryan Kest

For every disease cured a new one takes its place. For every war ending a new one is beginning. For every gadget invented there is an adverse effect. For every technological invention there is more disconnection For all the ease there is more stress For every convenience we are becoming softer, and more dependent. This […]

How to Integrate Yoga and Meditation into a Single Practice

Mental Health ● Bryan Kest

I’m not sure how one could think that a yoga practice and a meditation practice are separate. Maybe It is because people were trying to speak specifically to the physical exercise aspect of yoga. Yet, without the meditation component incorporated into the asana (physical yoga), the asana is not asana or physical yoga practice. Yoga […]

Exercises for Mindfulness

Mental Health ● Bryan Kest

Mindfulness really means “being mindful”. What are we supposed to be mindful of? The answer to the question is kind of tricky. You should be mindful of anything you want. So, what I’m saying is there isn’t anything you need to be mindful of other than the thing you want to be mindful of. Is this making sense? 

The Absurdity of Success

Mental Health ● Bryan Kest

When I spoke to my 16-year-old nephew about success, I was reminded of the fact that society’s opinions and beliefs about success impact even our own children. These opinions and beliefs are what we all are seeing, and therefore believing. Our topic was, “What is a successful business person?” My nephew’s definition was “Someone who […]