Yoga - Coronavirus - Life - Health - Wealth. Part 3. | Power Yoga

Yoga – Coronavirus – Life – Health – Wealth. Part 3.

I believe most people are starting to figure out a new rhythm to their days as we are all locked down and spending much more time at home. Please take some time for your yoga and meditation practice. Here are links to two very nourishing 12-15 minute meditations. Try it morning, mid-day, and evening, and you will have 30-45 minutes per day of meditation. You will feel the difference.

Meditation for Anxiety

Cultivating Joy Meditation 2

Those of you who have children - remember, your kids will never listen to you! But they will always become you! They are not listening to you, they are watching you. So let them see you taking some time for wellness and let them feel its difference in your demeanor.

May we all gain some perspective, insight, and a stronger wellness practice from this downtime. ?