Yoga - Coronavirus - Life - Health - Wealth. Part 2. | Power Yoga

Yoga – Coronavirus – Life – Health – Wealth. Part 2.

California is on lockdown and I’m sure the rest of the country will follow.

I hope all of you are breathing through this completely unprecedented time. Yoga practice for us yoga practitioners is always important as it seems to have a unique ability to balance one’s body and mind, completely relieving physical tension and much, if not all, stress and anxiety.

Again, please check out the free classes here, and again, if my style or my instructor’s style doesn’t do it for you, there are loads of free classes on YouTube.

Like many of you, I have been home all day with my kids with no outside work, and at this point no guidelines from the kids’ school (if you don’t have kids at home I’m jealous.) So, I find it funny that I, a ninth-grade dropout, have to put together a curriculum for them at home. I found this great workbook from Amazon pictured below with one of my four kids. I have her doing math, reading, and problem-solving. It feels good to keep these kids busy doing something productive.

My daughter and her homeschool workbook.

Later, I will have them help me in our garden (if you don’t have a garden, watering and trimming indoor house plants will work!) and prepare meals. We will also take a walk. Yes, there will be some screen time outside of schoolwork, but I will keep that to a family movie (and of course some popcorn.) I’m very concerned about limiting screen time as we know it’s not healthy for a developing brain (or maybe all brains.)

I want to connect with all of you to remind you we are all in this one together --- it’s crazy how it’s the Russians, Indians, Italians, Chinese, Aussies, Hawaiians, Mexicans, and Peruvians and everyone! WOW! Never before! Let's practice being in this together because with global warming issues around the corner we have some stuff to figure out.

Those of you in distress here’s a gift from me to you! It will help ?