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Some Amazing Reasons to Do Yoga

amazing reasons to do yoga

This phrase “Do yoga with me” has never been more practical or even possible. The very young might not know too much differently than the internet and all that it entails, but everyone older than say, about 40 years old, knows it wasn’t long ago that to participate in a yoga class you had to show up in person. As far as I know, online yoga classes (which is live pre-recorded content) have existed for only about 10 years, and a live-streamed class, only about 3 years. There are so many amazing reasons to do yoga, including health benefits of yoga. Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, doing yoga online is more practical than ever, yet there are plenty of other reasons to stay home and do yoga. I’ll save that for another blog.

Reasons to Do Yoga - You Can Practice Anywhere, Anytime

For 25 years, I taught yoga classes around the world. I would lead classes in 60 to 90 cities and continents each year. The only way for me to reach people was to travel to them or them to me. That’s not the case anymore! Now, I lead live streaming classes 6 days a week from my home where people tune in from around the globe. When the time change doesn’t allow, they simply tune into the same class at another time as these classes are recorded. So, yes now you can do yoga with me as there are no barriers. You can do yoga with me on YouTube for free as I have some content on YouTube. So do many other yoga instructors, but my website is where you can truly access all that Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga offers. This online stuff is also really nice because you can do yoga in the morning, afternoon or evening--whatever your schedule demands. And, considering how valuable your yoga is, it’s nice to have options so you can slip in your practice. When I say valuable I can’t emphasize it enough, this sacred time you take for yourself. It’s amazing what a yoga bend and stretch combined with awareness of breath can accomplish toward one’s well-being.

Morning Yoga Positively Affects the Rest of Your Day

Rise and shine and do yoga would be my motto because the rest of the day will be influenced in the best way. But any time of the day will do. Yoga practiced appropriately, which means the guidance you receive is empowering, can be so incredibly healing for body and mind. For your hips and back yoga opens and releases and for lower back pain yoga relieves pain--again proper guidance is necessary initially. For tense shoulders, yoga can dissolve the tension and also get to its source, which most likely is stress. There is even shoulder yoga classes or classes that focus on the shoulders because it is such a famous place for carrying tension. 

So, although the internet seems to have made all of us more stressed and busy, we can use it for benevolent purposes. And, if you want, there is now no challenge to do yoga with me because I am only a few keypad touches away! Sending you all well wishes and have an amazing day!