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Online Yoga Classes

I would venture to say the best yoga classes are online yoga classes! Now certainly that’s not a rule, and there are other factors such as cost. The cost of online classes is much more affordable, which helps many to access yoga content. How about free online yoga classes? There is not a brick-and-mortar yoga studio that has the ability to cater to most all the different needs people have, let alone all the different styles of yoga. Now honestly, there is no web-based studio that has everything either, but you can find most anything online, and a web-based studio certainly can offer much, much more than any brick-and-mortar studio. An online studio has the ability to touch many folks as well, as more folks can participate from more places, experiencing more personal content. You will find it all, from top online yoga classes, online yoga classes for beginners to advanced yoga classes online, to online yoga classes for seniors, yoga for addiction and yoga for sex, yoga for athletes and yoga for PTSD. It’s amazing and no doubt my favorite reason to be online. But is the content and quality of online classes equal to the content and quality in a brick-and-mortar studio? Yes, it is, or at least it could be. Regardless of the studio’s origins, whether it be web-based or brick-and-mortar, you are going to find high-quality and low-quality yoga studios. So yes, high-quality web-based studios exist. My suggestion, take advantage of the 7-day free trial most of these web-based studios offer, and take some class, as well as play around with the website; get a feel for its ease of use, tools it offers and its community, which adds to the user experience. Obviously I’m a fan of online yoga classes and you could say I’m biased, as I do own and we are a super-high-quality web-based yoga online studio with loads of offerings at pennies a class, with amazing customer service as well as a few hand-picked free online classes which are changed out monthly. Yet beyond being biased, my deepest, most powerful and profound core yoga experiences came through lessons via video recordings. So I know online learning can be very effective!

I also own Santa Monica Power Yoga & Meditation, which is a brick-and-mortar yoga studio in Southern California. I’d like to counter-balance all above with the beauty, breath and energy of a great brick-and-mortar class. When I think of my studio, I think of the warmth, colors and people of our classes here in Santa Monica and the sweetness of being there! Group energy and instructors’ energy cannot be adequately transmitted through the video screen. So yeah, you are missing something when practicing online for sure, and what you are missing is the amazing group energy, great people, personal connections and your local community. So, if you’re practicing online, get out into your community and check out your local classes, because at online prices, you can have both! Enjoy!